About those Death Panels

October 21, 2012   |  
About those Death Panels

So here we are, two weeks out from the election. Unprecedented debt is crippling the country, terrorists continue to breathe down our necks, Joe Biden is giggling like a schoolgirl, Hillary is under the bus, and Obama is distracting us from all this with “binders.”

Meantime, over in far-flung places that have had government mandated healthcare since time immemorial, Death Panels are a very real thing, killing the elderly every day.

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom has put a price on terminal care – it costs more than £7,000 for the final year of someone’s life. And that’s deemed too much.

So they’ve come up with something called the Liverpool Care Pathway, which amounts to starving and dehydrating the terminally ill until dead. Legally.

Now, imagine you were caring for your elderly parent at home, and decided that to ease things along, you’d cut off food and fluids. You’d be arrested and charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. However, if you stick them in the hospital, the hospital board (Death Panel) can decide that caring for your parent until they die naturally is too expensive, and they will torture them until dead, sometimes without fully explaining the process to you and the rest of the immediate kin.

I defy you to read this moving account of a this lady’s mother’s final days with the NHS, and not cry in sorrow or scream in outrage.

A female junior doctor speaks to us, informing us that there had been a  discussion the day before and it had been decided to commence the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) for Mum. I have not heard of the LCP, so the doctor explains it is a plan of care put in place for the dying. Why weren’t the family told of this, or included in the discussion?

The fact that Mum had dementia and limited mobility has been mentioned a few times, and now it is mentioned again. Was this the criteria used to decide that all active treatment should be withdrawn?

On the second day, the doctor had said Mum would have no quality of life, but who really has the right to decide that?

Who? The one paying for your care can. If you aren’t paying, you get no say.

But hey, make sure that on election day you’re fully briefed on “Binders” and “Romnesia.” That’s the important stuff that keeps America great. Right?

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