Romney To Knock Out Obama Tomorrow

October 21, 2012   |  
Romney To Knock Out Obama Tomorrow

At least he has the opportunity to do so in tomorrow night’s debate. In the last debate we saw Obama go on record to say that he knew the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism prior to his stepping out onto the Rose Garden… and Candy backed him up. The smiling Romney knew he had him on the ropes but before he could land the fatal punch, Candy changed the subject, leaving Romney the opportunity to finish Obama off in the third and final round.

Since Obama admitted he knew from the very beginning that the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism, then this absolutely confirms that he, Obama, owns the video facade… lock, stock an barrel! All Romney has to ask is why. Why did Obama choose to willfully try to sell the American public… as well as the UN… a fabricated story that he admits he knew from the very beginning was false? This leaves Obama stuck in his own lie… with no one to throw under the bus, no skirts to hide behind and no one to blame but himself.

For the rest of the debate whenever Obama trys to sell his version regarding other foreign matters, all Romney needs to say is, “So say you, but the reality is painting a different picture…” implying that Obama is trying to sell yet another fabricated story based upon his own fantasies. Obama won’t be able to make a case about anything as his credibilty is shot!

One thing about us Americans is that we can’t stand a liar. Politicians can get away with just about anything but a lie will always bury them. Clinton didn’t get impeached for his relationship with Monica. He got impeached because he lied about it. Nixon wasn’t forced out of office because his men broke into Watergate. He got forced out for lying about it.

But it works the other way too. I recall about thirty years ago when the governor of Louisana was caught stealing state funds to pay off his gambling debts in Vegas. When first confronted he openly admitted to everything explaining, “I’m only human.” He went on to win and serve another term as the voters said, “Yes, we know he’s a crook, but he’s an honest crook.”

Obama has already hung himself for lying. All Romney needs to do is point that out, using Obama’s own words… backed up by his loyal journalists in the mainstream media.

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