Well That Debate Changed….Nothing

October 23, 2012   |  
Well That Debate Changed….Nothing

Hmm. My first thought after this debate was that whichever side you are on – your guy won. The right will think that Romney acted presidential and the left will say oooh did you see Obama skewer him with that “horse and bayonets” remark – which BTW, many in the armed forces tweeted that we do still use.

What I couldn’t get over was the blatant lies being told by our so-called Commander-In-Chief. He can lie directly to our faces without the slightest hesitation – he really believes that everything he said was the God’s honest truth – even though it was an outright lie. If you didn’t actually experience the last four years, you’d think that just by watching the debate that Obama was the Best President Ever. Almost everything he said was, as he is won’t to say “Not True” (when you say “Not True”, aren’t you just calling someone a liar?)

On the flip side, Mitt acted like a real softy – therefore once again showing himself as the true consultant he really is – he just gave the people what he thought they wanted – a dude who looked Presidential, just not as warmongery as George W. At the end of this debate it looked like Obama was the warmonger and Mitt was the liberal democrat. Well, maybe just slightly more liberal democrat than Obama. Either way, there was so little to differentiate themselves from each other on the foreign policy front they wre basically the same. So this is a wash.

Would Romney have started the, oh I don’t know, 6 or 7 official and unofficial wars that we are in right now? No idea. Ideally his lust for opening markets and economic development might hold him back from sending in the troops. Although I doubt it.

Truly, on the foreign policy front, these guys are the same. Luckily, that’s not the big issue right now. Unless of course there’s some big ass false flag October surprise planned on that front before the election. If that’s the case, lets hope that the people don’t fall for it and continue to vote their conscience, no matter who it is…

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