Will Obama Win By Bailout?

October 24, 2012   |  
The Bailout Election?

OK this is the third article I’ve now read stating that it looks like that Obama will win the election due to his current polling in the battleground states and that Romney may win the popular vote, basically a repeat of the 2000 election, just in the other direction.

The main reason why Obama is doing so well in Ohio – which apparently is key – is the auto bailout. He basically bribed the swing states to buy their vote.

So this is how you win elections nowadays – make sure that you hand out enough goodies in the swing states in order to get re-elected? There is so much wrong with this that its hard to begin.

Do we really think that the founding fathers wanted the leadership of the country dependent on the decisions of 7 states as opposed to the whole nation? Do we really think that they thought that voters would make their decisions based on bribery?

Let’s hope that those voters aren’t swayed by the crap that Obama is feeding them. Let’s hope that they get that they are making the decisions for the future of this entire nation. Wish it weren’t so, but it is what it is.

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