2012: The Constitution-Free, In The Weeds Campaign

October 25, 2012   |  
Where’s The Constitution?

I think I heard it once. Near the end of the first debate, Mitt Romney pointed to the text of the constitution behind him and made some remarks about the role of government. That was pretty much the first time I’d heard either candidate say anything about the constitution since Ron Paul was on stage.

I’m struck by the big differences between both of these candidates and someone like Reagan or Ron Paul. It seems to me that all we ever hear from these candidates is tactical and in the weeds: here is my X point plan to do this or that. We never hear about the strategy or big picture behind it. We never hear about restoring the original boundaries laid out in the constitution. We never hear about going back to the true vision of the founders. Is it because these people think we don’t want to hear it. That unless we don’t have a simplistic tactical todo list that we won’t vote for them?

I think that people don’t vote for – or at least shouldn’t vote for – anyone who simply has a tactical todo list – we should be hearing and voting for an overall strategy and one that works. The tactical todo list often hides a candidates real strategy.

This is part of what was so awesome about Ron Paul. As a constitutionalist, he could easily make up any number of tactical todo lists on the fly, as his strategy was already pretty well laid out in the constitution – and he never hid that fact. I don’t see Romney doing the same. Can he really look at his 5 point plan (which btw he had already shrunk from a 55 point plan to grow the economy) and directly point it back to the constitution ? Can either candidate?

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