A Tale Of Two Hawks

October 27, 2012   |  
A Tale Of Two Hawks

Four years ago I was working at a bar and having a conversation with one of the other bartenders about my lack of enthusiasm for both Barack Obama and John McCain.  He was trying to convince me that Obama was the way to go, despite his obvious economic flaws, by iterating that we didn’t need another “war president”.  Of course we all know know that Obama has been even worse of a war mongering president than Bush, and this election the two major parties are giving Americans no other option than more war.  As one writer at the CATO institute writes:

On the Iraq War, Obama reminded us in the debate that he opposed the war and he withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq (on a schedule negotiated by the Bush administration). Romney seems to think we should have kept them there. But Romney did not say that Obama’s secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, also believes that the war was “worth it.” Obama also claimed that we are now “able transition out of Afghanistan.” No one pointed out that his current plans do not call for fully exploiting that ability. We plan to leave tens of thousands of U.S. troops there for some sort of nation building.

Romney’s response to all this, of course, is to call the president weak and apologetic, adopt the mostly same policies, but improve their modifiers. He wants to be closer to Israel, tougher on Iran, and to more responsibly leave Afghanistan. He is against fighting in Syria’s civil war, but wants to arm and better organize the rebels. I could go on to defense policy, homeland security, China, and allies but the picture is basically the same: hawk versus somewhat more tough-talking hawk.

I find it very interesting that any person who seriously considers their self to be libertarian could actually vote for either Obama or Romney, but maybe I’m just little more nutty than the rest.

Read the rest of the CATO article here.

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