End of an era

November 6, 2012   |  

So ends another election season. Probably the dirtiest one America has ever seen. Every four years things get a little grittier; it won’t be long until the electoral process of the Great Republic will take place inside an octagon.

There was a time when candidates sought to inspire the hearts and minds of the electorate. Obama instead campaigned for – and won – the vaginae of America. The election was won and lost on uteri.

One can only hope the Mayans were right.

That said, I’m taking my ball and I’m going home. For nearly nine years, both under my real name and as RightGirl, I have fought what I believe to be the good fight. I’ve fought for free speech rights here in Canada, sought to protect the world from violent Islam, and tried to knock some sense into America about the evils of “free” “health” “care” (three lies for the price of one!). Perhaps I’ve changed a few minds. I know I’ve angered a few spleens. In the end though, the only stomach lining lost in the fight was my own.

So I’m packing it in. I already live in beautiful Galt’s Gulch. I should be enjoying this state of bliss instead of bringing the poisons of the political world up here with me.

Which is not to say I plan to shut up. Far from it! If the gang here at Freedom Bunker will have me, I’d like to come back from time to time – keep my hand in, as it were – to talk lifestyle, culture, and current events in a non-political way. I’d be happy to keep giving Sandusky updates (soon to become BBC Sex Ring updates!), and talk about health and fitness – my other passion.

These nine years have been a slice, America. Thank you for having me. I hope you’ll stick with me through my transitions, as I have you through yours.

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