Obama Taught Us A Hard Lesson

November 6, 2012   |  

Here is my theory: We needed Obama to be reminded of something, to teach ourselves a lesson we never should have forgotten.

Obama was the low paid, crappy job we took at a fast food restaurant in order to realize that we never wanted that kind of job ever again and force ourselves to  go back to school, get an education, and get a real job. Instead of a John McCain, who would have taken us to socialism on the slow road, he took us to socialism on the high-speed express.

And we hated it.

If it weren’t for Obama, there would be no Tea Party. If it weren’t for Obama, there would be a lot fewer Ron Paul supporters. If it weren’t for Obama, there would be no fired up base of independent liberty activists, both inside the two party system and without, over the top passionate about the direction this country is going in.

Obama was a lesson learned, my friends, a very, very expensive lesson, (Est $6T and 23M unemployed) but a lesson nonetheless. Let’s never forget this lesson.


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