Election 2012: Revenge Of The Turds

November 7, 2012   |  

I think the thing that bugs me most about what happened yesterday is the smugness, the insults, the poor, poor sportsmanship that these people are puking all over the internet in gloating over their “win”. Four more years of war, four more years of spending, four more years of more taxes and regulation, but these guys are laughing, joking and carousing like this is so awesome. My Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of gloating looter faces, loving the fact that they could “stick it to the man” for another four years.

Well, I got news for you, biatches. The “man” is tired of your shit, and will not simply roll over and take more anal probing. Businesses will layoff, businesses will shut down, fewer businesses will be started, unemployment will skyrocket, the “rich” and even the “not so rich” will shrug, flee to other places, other countries. Socialism won’t be so fun when you run out of other peoples money, or when they run out on you before you get a chance to steal it off of them.

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