Can Liberty Rebound? Or Are We Fated To A More And More Statist Future?

November 10, 2012   |  
Should We Send The Statue Of Liberty Back To France?

I admire some of my liberty activist buddies who can look at the last election and say – see I told you so – liberty is winning! And I say, huh, what? We just say – as Blake so aptly put it – roughly 60 million people vote for a continuation of the current socialist policies, and another near 60 million vote for slightly less socialist policies. We saw around a million folks vote for Gary Johnson.

Apologies to my optimistic liberty buddies but – this is liberty rebounding? This is the American people giving the Republican party the heave ho because it wasn’t libertarian enough? I question that.

A number of pundits have started putting together their own various post mortems of this election and some of them are talking about the reason why the Republicans lost – they boil down to this:

  • They weren’t conservative enough (both fiscally and socially)
  • They weren’t libertarian enough
  • They weren’t really for smaller government, just their own version of bigger government
  • They were too focused on social issues as opposed to fiscal issues

Well, I’m going to take a different tact. My sense is, and please correct me if I’m wrong – and I’d love to see real examples of this – that the American people really don’t want more conservatism or libertarianism. My current sense is that we liberty activists may be – since we are such an optimistic lot – deluding ourselves that America will ever go back to its original libertarian roots.

The American people have fallen for the ruse of socialism. The promise that government will take care of them from cradle to grave, the rich are the enemies and must be stolen from in order to feed everyone else, and America needs to be “perfected”, by none other than our true savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

I love the optimism of our cause. I love that even though I feel that liberty got a thorough trouncing and that we saw 120 million Americans vote for some flavor of socialism, we still think, like David, that we can take Goliath down with one, carefully aimed argument, or leader, or somehow convince a majority of Americans that both major parties as bad.

I suppose that there is a chance that the GOP will now look to its more libertarian side, and maybe pickup a few votes that way. But do we really believe that we can get a majority of Americans back to our side? Or will be be forever playing in the margins?

Sure – Ron Paul comes out and says “liberty is popular” – but in reality – how popular is it really? Is there really enough of a longing for liberty that we can take over the GOP and make it work, as he thinks it could?

What if Obama wrecks the country so bad in his second term that the GOP merely has to run the same platform as this time around and win. You really think that the GOP is open to that level of change?

So many questions. I don’t have any answers. But I know one thing is certain – over the next 4 years, will can only see more state expansion, more limiting of freedoms, more taxes, more businesses shutting down, more unemployment.

Is that what you are all seeing – that we have to go through the collapse before we can rise again, Atlas Shrugged style? Maybe so.

Unfortunately, the creators have no Galt’s Gulch to run to – they will simply be systematically tracked down and raped in order to feed the gaping maw of the state. If you happen to be financially successful in this country, you should be very afraid.

But I digress. My point is – is there still a point – to fight for liberty in this America? Can we really turn things around here – should we take our ball and go home?

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