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November 10, 2012   |  

From Merriam-Webster;

Conservatism: A political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically: such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage).

So what does it mean to be a “Conservative”? A more appropriate question would be, what does being a conservative mean to you?

For me being a conservative fits the definition above. How so? Well allow me to take it point by point if I may.

  • “Stressing established institutions” I for one am a huge believer in our Constitution. But more over in the way it was originally written. The version in which strong state governments were the rule and the federal government had rather limited power. After all who knows better how to run your house? You? Or some other person living hundreds of miles away? Yes you do. The states know what they need and how to best use the resources available.
  • “Preferring gradual development to abrupt change” I think this one is pretty reasonable. Abrupt change is usually very messy, and often has the issue associated with it, “Did anyone expect this? What do we do now?”  Abrupt changes often mean that big issues aren’t thought of or planned for. Slower gradual change offers the chance to plan, or at least see things coming and prepare for them.
  • “Lower Taxes” I never understand those who thing we can get out of a financial hole by taxing the people more and spending like crazy. It’s like trying to get out of hole by continuing to dig down. Sooner or later you might break the crust and what comes out will burn your butt. Odd thing my eight year old can figure this out. Wonder why the feds can’t?
  • “Limited government regulation of business and investing” Another that to me seems like simple logic. We can agree that NO regulation is bad. We have all seen what companies will do when NO ONE is watching. But over regulating them? It’s a lot like scuba diving with your air hose tied in a knot. Very bad. It strangles creativity and production if a company has to answer government questions and fill out 80 forms in triplicate for everything they do.
  • “A strong national defense” Ever wondered why the other nations of the world used to leave us alone and tread carefully around us? It was because we had a strong military. We had the best trained, equipped and capable fighting force on the planet. We still do in the fact that we have the finest people in our military. The spirit of the American Soldier has baffled enemies and allies alike for a long time. But today we aren’t as feared. Iran, Syria, China and Russia all thumb their noses at us. A lot of the fear of us is gone. And allies like Israel wonder if we will be there when they need us. A fair question given our current administrations apparent lack of ability to tell the difference between a protest and a terrorist attack.
  • “Individual financial responsibility for personal needs” This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. When exactly did it become the government’s job to tell you or me how to care for ourselves? I mean NY’s silly limit on what size soda you can have to the issue of birth control raised by the liberal side in the form of an alleged college coed who couldn’t afford birth control. Really? I have to be responsible for keeping you from becoming pregnant? I found a birth control cost calculator on “Mother ones” website. Starting at age 18 until menopause the average cost of “The Pill” without insurance is $66,644. I know sounds like a lot right? BUT! Let’s break it down.  Given an average of 30 years on birth control…$66,644 divided by 30 equals…$2221.46 a year. Now take that divided by 12 months and we get $185.12. Now if we average the number the days in a month to 30 we get $6.17 a month.  Can’t afford that? Stop smoking or give up 2 Grande Mocha lattes a month and presto, you are there. Accept responsibility for yourself. NO WHERE in the U.S. Constitution is the right to medical care found. Why? Because if it was some people would be required to become doctors and nurses and that would violate their rights. You also will not find the right to; food, housing, clothes, toothbrushes, toilet paper. Ever wonder why? Cause our Founding Fathers figured you would take some responsibility for yourself and get those things, not wait for the government to hand them to you. And if that’s what you want I can tell you, government toilet paper is going to chafe your butt.


So what does being a conservative mean to you?

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