Things I Have, And Haven’t Done, Since The Election

November 14, 2012   |  

Those of you who have read/listened/watched my blog/podcast/channel for a while know that my show was not always known as the Freedom Bunker, In fact, prior to the 2008 election, the show was known as the ThinkFuture Radio Show – and I talked about all sorts of issues, some not even political . When Barack Obama, arguably the most statist of any president, ascended to the throne of America (and yes folks it has now become a throne) I descended into the Freedom Bunker, assuming that I’d only need to spend the next 4 years in here. I guess I was being a bit optimistic.

Since the election, I’ve basically stopped doing the following:

  • Listening to any so-called conservative radio personality. Rush, Hannity, Savage, Mark Levin. I used to have them running in the background over the course of my workday and now I can’t stand listening to the bullshit
  • Reading any political newsletters – I used to subscribe to a ton of them – mostly libertarian and right leaning. I’ve since unsubscribed from the right leaning ones.
  • Watching Fox News. I never watched any other news source and now I’m off of all of them.

This is what I have been doing:

  • A lot of soul searching. I flip back and forth between thinking that America is truly f’ed – that the Bailout Election that I talked about has become bailout nation – that Americans are no longer driven by anything but what goodies that they can get from their government, or that this is just a temporary blip and that maybe this is just an anomaly. I don’t want to believe the former but I’ve seen it in action personally
  • Thinking about ways to protect myself and my family from the coming storm. My world view has really closed up – I was thinking that we toyed with Obama because we didn’t want a third Bush term with McCain, but as it turns out, barring massive voter fraud, which I would not put past this administration, that America doesn’t think big picture anymore. At least, most Americans don’t.
  • I’m trying to decide if my optimism that this is just a bump in the road is real. People like my fellow blogger here Judy pull me that way, then I think about all of the damage that Obama has done to our country, and four more years of that damage, can it be really reversed? Think about it – a $20T deficit, more socialist judges on the bench. America is truly changing, and not into something I like

I’m leaning towards optimism, but that’s just because that’s the kind of person that I am. But don’t be surprised if I take a turn for the pessimist and disappear for a bit. As proven by this last election, my leanings, and likely most of America’s leanings, are for more goodies from the state. And you and I know who will be paying for those goodies. Us.

I tell you, some days, I just want to shrug. Just quit and go to the other side – stop working as hard as I do in order to have a decent life and provide for my family and just go become a ward of the state. As a ward of the state told me once in the UK “Working, that’s a mugs game”

So that’s where I’m at. I’m sure that you are all likely in a similar place, depending on how much faith you have in this country and it’s people. As I mentioned before, I’m originally from Canada, and I see the exact same policies which drove me out of Canada coming here – it just might drive me to the next place, wherever that might be.

How about you? How have you fared? Love to hear your story…

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