Maybe Obama Is Doing Us A Favor

November 15, 2012   |  

I was thinking this, just yesterday, when I see the reaction to Obama’s re-election by many businesses who are closing up shop, laying off employees and cutting hours, mainly due to ObamaCare. Maybe we have to really fall, really hit rock bottom, before anything real will happen. Like the fact that in order to make a team at a business you have to go through a conflict stage where everyone has to have one huge blowout with each other, and once you’ve progressed through that fire you can then really gel as a team.

What is happening in Europe, esp Greece, Spain, Ireland is happening to us. They are all skipping across the surface of the water, receiving bailout after bailout, trying to keep from sinking – trying to stave off the inevitable – until things “magically” turn around.

That’s not going to happen. There is no magic here. They need to be allowed to sink, and sink hard, hot rock bottom, and maybe then rise again from the ashes. I’m now convinced that the same thing has to happen here.

We need to go off the cliff, we need to suffer, everyone needs to feel the pain that socialism brings. That’s part of the problem – most Americans have never felt it in their little cocoon  Those of us who come from other countries, who fled socialism to be here, we get it. We KNOW. We know first hand how it destroys countries and cultures.  We warn against it, like Ayn Rand before us, who fled communism, and wrote about how it would happen here. But like a kid who is told over and over again not to touch the hot stove, they will get burned, American’s need to touch the hot stove of socialism and get burned. Burned so bad that they know that they will never want it again.

Voting for McCain would have taken us on the slow road to socialism. Being impatient, we chose the fast road. And last election day, we put our foot on the gas. Now socialism will take over and corrupt American society. We will suffer and burn. Let’s hope we are burned badly enough that we will NEVER touch that stove again.

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