Stop The Spending. It’s As Simple As That.

November 29, 2012   |  

Oh gee. A fiscal cliff. What shall we do? Hmm. Let me see. How many households are there in America? How many households are there in the entire world? And all of those households work the exact same way: they make money, by the members of those households holding down jobs, which brings income into the household, and they spend money, using it to purchase everything from the things they needs, like food, housing, clothes, and then if there is left over, buying what they want. This is not rocket science. This is not something that you really have to spend time and money noodling over. It’s math (as our lord and savior says). You make money, you spend money. As long as you make more money than you spend, your household will continue to survive. EVERYONE, everywhere around the world does this, and believe it or not Mr. President, it works.

If you lose your job, you have to cut your spending in order for the household to continue. It’s common sense. If you spend more than you take in, eventually the household will collapse. This is a fact of life. It’s math.

Since the household wants to continue to be able to cover the costs of needs and wants, it does not overspend. If it does overspend, then one of these things have to happen:

  1. Someone needs to bring in more money
  2. You cut spending
  3. Both

For a typical household, jobs and starting/running a businesses raises income. For governments, tax (which is basically theft) raises income. Increasing taxes to cover spending hammers an economy and destroys both businesses and jobs, thus reducing income. So the only option is the same option a household has when it can no longer increase its revenues. It cuts spending.

One wonders why our idiot President and his minions are so stupid that they cannot understand this simple fact.

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