You Are Probably A Libertarian And Don’t Even Know It.

December 1, 2012   |  

  • Do you believe in social freedoms?
  • Do you believe that people should be left alone to live their lives, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?
  • Do you believe in fiscal responsibility?
  • Do you believe that you should be allowed to keep as much of your income as possible?
  • Do you believe in lower taxes?
  • Do you believe that the state is doing too much?

Then you are probably a libertarian and don’t even know it. You know, there are tons of people out there who seem lost. They look at both the Republicans and Democrats and say to themselves, well gee, I agree with this side on that issue and with the other side on the other issue. But I can’t really bring myself to buying into the whole thing: you are into not spending your money on people, who can’t fend for themselves, but you also aren’t interested in telling people how to live their lives; but neither party lets you think that.

Or you read up on Ron Paul and thought – yes, he had the right idea, but you’ve been a lifelong Democrat, or maybe you thought there was no way he could win, but you thought: you know what, of all of them, he was the most right.

Well, my friend, then you probably are a libertarian and don’t even know it.


Trust me. This is the right decision. Both parties have strayed far too far from our founding principles. This is the only option left to you now.

Be proud to be a libertarian. Pull up a chair, take off your coat, and stay awhile.

I think you’ll like it.

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