Americans Really Need To Live Abroad More…

December 3, 2012   |  

One of the things that struck me as interesting regarding the election (and re-election) of someone like Barack Obama – who wants to expand the government to the point that it mimics the same kind of old style socialist/communist/fascist policies of the rest of the old world – is that, assuming that there has been no massive voter fraud, the people who voted for this kind of expanded government role, really have no real idea of what its like to live under. They have never lived under a regime like it – they have this candy-coated, rose colored view of what a cradle-to-grave-government-takes-care-of-you this is like. They see, coupled with the rose-colored view that the media and Hollywood have given them, all of the “good stuff” that they can get for “free” from “the government” – they have no conception of the negative effects of this kind of government infringement on our lives.

My gut tells me that the main reason this has happened is partially due to the insular nature of Americans – that most of the Obamabots out there have never lived under or even traveled to any of the countries  where  this exists. If they had, then maybe they’d be a lot less driven to bring that kind of government management of their lives here. They don’t see the crippling taxation, the crushing regulation, the narrowing of freedoms. All they see is that Obama will pay for their healthcare or their college tuition, they don’t get that TAANSTAFL – someone, eventually you, will be paying for it in other ways, through higher taxes etc.

Take Canada, my home country, for example. American’s keep hearing about the “awesome free health care” – they never seem to hear about “the crippling taxes” or the “death panels” (which do exist, BTW) which pay for that “awesome free health care”. They don’t hear about the denied treatments, forcing people to go to the US for treatments (for now – until ObamaCare drives prices through the roof). When I moved to the US from Canada, my tax rate cut in half – mostly due to the costs of all those wonderful government services we were not even using. I went from my family having two jobs, one small house and one car, to one job, 4 cars and medium size house, plus savings. My taxes were so high in Canada that I had nothing left over at the end of the month for savings and sometimes had to survive on credit cards. Here I can actually save a few bucks.

Like I said, if more Americans traveled and lived abroad, then maybe they’d be a lot more aware of the downside of the nanny-state. The logical extension: let them live under a high tax, low freedom regime for a bit, lets see how they really like it…

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