GOP Gov: Obama & Congress Are “Psychologically Incapable Of Getting Our Fiscal House In Order”

December 8, 2012   |  

One might argue that any administration in the last 100 years fits the same bill, all for different reasons of course. IMHO, we haven’t seen an administration and Congress who are psychologically capable of fiscal responsibility since before FDR

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal wrote an oped piece at Politico on Thursday in which he took aim at both Congress and the Obama administration saying that they were incapable of getting the country’s fiscal house in order.

The Republican Louisiana Governor wrote, “I had the honor of serving in Congress. Here’s what I learned – there will be no significant change without structural reforms. That’s the polite way of saying it.” He went on to say, “The less gentle version is that Congress and this administration are psychologically incapable of getting our fiscal house in order without laws that give them no other alternative.”

via GOP Gov: Obama & Congress Are “Psychologically Incapable Of Getting Our Fiscal House In Order”.

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