Thanks for the memories, Jon Huntsman

December 16, 2012   |  

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38″ height=”300″ />Being the raging alcoholic that I am, I enjoyed playing the Republican Debate Drinking Game this pre-primary season. Favorite cues included Herman Cain yelling NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! like some sort of crazed German rape victim, and anyone invoking Reagan.

But by far the one I got the most liver damage pleasure from was knocking back a shot every time I remembered that Jon Huntsman was there and/or remembered his name (I always got him mixed up with that other non-entity, Whatsisname. The Rick that wasn’t Perry).

Now the fun is over, as he has joined Amusing Black Man and Crazy Eyed Woman in stepping down from the race.

In stepping down, Huntsman has endorsed Romney. And as much as I love The Newt, I said waaaay back when that the candidacy will go to the one with the best hair.

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