Was Connecticut School Shooting A CIA Operation?

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I have been reluctant to go here as I wanted to develop more information, connect more dots and attempt to present credible evidence that paints a more complete picture of what is occurring in America.

But the outrage related to the Sandy Hook shootings has touched off a barrage of stories about who did what and when that will only serve to muddy the waters. I do not have all the answers. Indeed, perhaps like you, I have more questions than answers. But that being said, here is a small sampling of information to help shed some light on the current situation in America.

Currently, there is an effort to tie the Aurora Theater shooting together with the recent mass shooting in Connecticut. A good example is the Examiner that has reported that the father of each shooter was scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal. The idea is that both dads are being forced to cancel or alter their testimony / evidence against the banksters.

I have been following the original source of this information for some time and although anything is possible, the truth is, research to date has shown no credible evidence to support this claim.

Understand, the web of illusion spun by the shadow government is vast so solid evidence may yet surface, but to date, this line of pursuit — mass killings to cover bankster scandal — appears erroneous. The events are connected but most likely not this way. In fact, it seems more likely this is a planted story to distract us from the real situation: a criminal government, gun control and the dismantling of the Second Amendment.

Consider that the Waco Siege (February 1993) and the 101 California Street Shootings (July 1993) led to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (September, 1994), a vast expansion of federal gun control laws. Within that Act was the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Ring a bell? That is what all the Lefties are calling for now. Well, turns out, the Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004. Prior to the expiration date and in each new congressional session since there has been efforts to renew the Assault Weapon Ban, all unsuccessful. Now we have another series of highly publicized gun-related events (Virginia Tech., Trayvon Martin, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Aurora Theater, Sandy Hook Elementary School).

Here are a few things for you to contemplate. Note that Virginia Tech., Giffords, Aurora and now Sandy Hook are all allegedly perpetrated by the classic “lone-wolf lunatic”. The Trayvon Martin case was hugely publicized by the Left (recall Sharpton, Jackson and company all got in on the act) because it related to Stand Your Ground–self defense legislation that gun control freaks can not tolerate. Also food for thought is that Rep. Giffords voted to repeal $14 billion of subsidies to big oil and was an advocate for the founding of the Strategic Renewable Energy Reserve. Hint: big oil is a big enemy.

We know Obama, although politically astute enough not to discuss it publicly, is a closet gun control freak that wants the Assault Weapons Ban made permanent. And if you believe Obama is just a presidential-puppet for the banksters and their NWO scheme, then the dis-arming of Americans is a logical step within this framework, too.

Evidence is mounting that Fast and Furious was a gun control scheme perpetrated by our lawless federal government to provide Mexican thugs with semi-automatic weapons so they could commit crimes and shoot up Americans along the border. Then, creating and riding a wave of national outrage, the Left would introduce gun control legislation for a slam-dunk vote. Crazy? Not so much. The Patriot Act, clearly the most vile assault on Americans and their freedoms yet, came about the same way–horrify and scare the population to the point they will support limits on their own freedoms. And then, using the “war on terror” theme, just chip away from there. Why not? We are just sheeple, after all.

Now the government taking out citizens, en mass for maximum effect, is a difficult concept for many people to handle both intellectually and emotionally. Government is good, right? It gives out entitlements. And phones. And it helps disaster victims (sort of). But this is not about America or the American way or freedom and liberty or any other rah-rah nonsense. This is about power. If you have it, you want to keep it. And keeping it is precarious at best, if you always have to look over your shoulder at an armed American public.

But couldn’t the killers actually be “lone-wolf lunatics”? Sure. An armed robbery gone bad can end in a murder. Political killings occur, too. But murder, as experts will tell you, is almost always a crime of passion. It is personal. Rage is directed at those people close to the killer. Isn’t it more likely that if these guys snapped, they would lash out at family, friends, girlfriends or neighborhood bullies–people around that have slighted the killer in some perceived way–rather than strangers in a theater, at a mall, or kids at school? These acts are horrific, no doubt, but they lack that “personal rage” element. Doesn’t shooting up a shopping mall, or a theater or a school seem less like murder and more like — a mission?

That’s where the CIA and mind control come in to play.

During a radio interview in 2000, Astronaut Gordon Cooper went public outlining a mind control program within NASA during the space program in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

We also know mind control programs have been explored by the Russians, Nazis and the CIA. Indeed, programs like the Monarch Project and MK Ultra first started in the 1940’s and are a very real part of the shadow government.

Given the CIA has had some 60 years to develop these programs, is it so outrageous to think it has met with a certain level of success? And if that rings true, then clearly, it is not outrageous to think that the powers that be can unleash these mentally broken misfits on the public to commit outlandish acts. After all, that is the exact point of the programs–to develop ways to control an individual to the point when he or she will answer to the will of their controllers.

Sodahead reports, “This has all the earmarks of a classic case of CIA mind-control with Adam Lanza as the perfect candidate – a targeted victim of MKUltra so as to continue in their efforts at shutting down the 2nd amendment and to finalize their nefarious plan to disarm the American people.”

As mentioned, I don’t possess all the answers. I am, perhaps like many of you, still trying to find pieces of the puzzle as well as put them all together. But what I do know is that the world out there is just like an iceberg. What we see, above the surface, is just a small fraction of what really exists.


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