Federal Employees Average $126,141 in Pay/Benefits or More than Double Private Sector Wages of $62,757

December 28, 2012   |  

Much has been written about how highly paid and overpaid federal employees are in comparison with comparable private sector jobs, although I doubt that federal employees work anywhere near as hard as private sector employees.  Amazingly, the compensation packages of federal employees continues to widen relative to the pay of the private sector.  To be sure, there is no austerity in the public sector that continues to plunder the private sector to support their outsized lifestyles and compensation packages.

Yes, Federal Workers Are Overpaid Heritage Foundation

The Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) report last week on federal and private-sector compensation showed that four recent studies agree: Federal compensation is higher than the private sector’s.

Unlike private sector employees who pay for a substantial portion of their benefits, federal employees pay for practically none of their costly benefits and when these benefits are factored into the equation, the pay gap between federal and private sector employees widens even further.

Overpaid Federal Workers Cato Institute

In 2010, federal civilian workers had an average wage of $83,679, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.5 By comparison, the average wage of the nation’s 101 million private-sector workers was $51,986….

When benefits such as health care and pensions are included, the federal compensation advantage over private workers is even larger, according to the BEA data. In 2010, federal worker compensation averaged $126,141, or double the private-sector average of $62,757.

As more and more data surfaces relative to federal pay and compensation, federal employees are lashing out and bitching that that they’ve already sacrificed over $100 billion in pay cuts.  The nerve of these thieving blood sucking parasites!

Feds mobilize against additional hits on their pocketbooks Washington Post

As the White House and Congress look for ways to avoid a Jan. 1 “fiscal cliff” of budget cuts and tax increases, federal employee groups are increasingly mobilized against more hits on their pocketbooks.

The Federal Workers Alliance (FWA), a coalition of 20 unions representing more than 300,000 employees, scheduled a “federal employee day of action” on Tuesday to pressure officials not to take any more away from the workforce in the name of deficit reduction.

“With so little time left and so little progress being made, we agreed that something had to be done,” said FWA Chairman William R. Dougan. “Federal employees have often been a scapegoat of first resort in last-minute budget deals, and we won’t let that happen again. Federal workers have already seen $103 billion in cuts to their pay and benefits, but many in Congress still don’t get the message. That’s why we’re encouraging our members to contact their elected officials in any way they can, and tell them ‘the bank is closed.’ ”

The alliance is urging workers to contact elected officials by personal visits, phone calls, e-mails, social media, whatever, to deliver this message: “Federal employees have already sacrificed $103 billion in pay and benefits — enough is enough.”

Sacrifice? I can’t see where federal employees have sacrificed a damn thing except for a incredibly modest and insignificant decrease in the rate of plunder.

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