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Not too long ago, I wrote a piece called Just How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole In America?. In it, I explored the possibility that much more of the world knows about the diabolical nature of NWO initiatives than Americans living inside the globalist’s propaganda bubble. Perhaps it is we, the American citizenry, that have been deceived and been taught to look through the wrong end of the telescope.

This idea, that globalists controlling the media have presented white as black and black as white to the American peasants—that almost everything you and I have been “taught” to believe is slanted, distorted or an outright fabrication, is clearly unsettling to the soul. Further, if this is true then it requires all reasonable Americans to re-consider all that is presented to them in order to achieve a more accurate understanding of people and events here in America and around the globe.

For example, if you were to learn that nine healthcare workers administering vaccinations in Pakistan were killed by drive-by shootings, your first reaction is probably to consider Pakistan a brutal, backwards and lawless society. And if you learned the Taliban was behind the targeting of the healthcare workers, that initial reaction would most likely be reinforced.

But suppose you discovered some additional detail, say, that the vaccinations were a put on, a show, used to collect DNA rather than administer healthcare. Would your outlook change?

Within the context of our short tale—a story, remember, presented to you—most of you can probably still maintain your basic outlook that, although the vaccination is a deceit, the Taliban are still the bad guys because the shootings are an unjust action relative to a lie.

But let us go another step.

Let’s assume you learned a detail intentionally hidden from you, say, that the vaccinations were not vaccinations at all, but poisonings—a sterilization program—conducted by rogue elements within the CIA to further the United Nations’ population control initiative.

Who are the bad guys now? Suddenly, the Taliban, targeting healthcare workers to stop the poisoning of the Pakistani populace, aren’t necessarily the rat bastards you initially thought they were. In fact, it could be argued that the Taliban is now serving as protectors, taking action to fight against those that wish the people harm. Something, unfortunately, Americans to date, seem loathe to do.

Yes, we can debate whether we agree that the strategy of killing innocent healthcare workers—if they are innocent and not on someone’s payroll—is a proper strategy. But place your son, daughter, brother, sister or spouse in the vaccination line. Suddenly, you have two monumental questions to answer. What can you do to actually stop it? And what are you prepared to do to stop it?

As you may have guessed, we walked through this scenario because, in fact, nine healthcare workers have been killed in Pakistan recently. And the Taliban was involved and does think the vaccinations are a cover story for a sinister program meant to hurt the Pakistani people.

Here is an article about the events, written from a perspective outside the propaganda bubble. It includes names and some background of key individuals, explores motivations behind the actions and makes references to documented events that may have contributed to the actions.

Here is an article about the events that I consider the typical propaganda piece. Note the heavy emphasis on the nobility of the eradication effort put forth by the international community. Make note of how “shocking” the events are, how bloody awful it is to “deprive Pakistan’s most vulnerable from life-saving interventions.” Most importantly, note there is no reference at all made to the Taliban-Pakistan perspective—that is, why they feel how they feel or what might have motivated them to do what they have done.

The point here is not to justify the Taliban’s behavior, nor cast the CIA in a bad light—those judgments I leave for you. But rather, to provide a simple example to quickly demonstrate that much of what you hear and see, has, in fact, been carefully manipulated to shape your opinions or deceive you.

Please, do yourself, your family and all your fellow citizens a favor and make sure you look at things through the correct end of the telescope.


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