Oui, Oui, Bring Back the Guillotine? Depardieu Paid an 85% Tax Rate (not enough according to the French)

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The last thing the world needs is another French Revolution because revolutions typically end quite badly, are very bloody and result in ruthless totalitarianism.  With the global economy tanking because of the scourge of statism, the warfare-welfare state, fascist crony capitalism and thieving central banksters who rob the people to cover their derivative gambling losses, the mood the people is one of anger as their standard of living continues to plummet.  The economic carnage is most pronounced in Europe and America where decades of  the statist ‘command and control’ economic system are taking its toll.

The French have been obsessed with their distorted vision of liberté, égalité, fraternité since the 1789 French Revolution, otherwise known as the Reign of Terror because social and political reformers literally canvassed French soil in search of enemies of the state to publicly behead. Death estimates vary on the French genocide of the their own French citizens but it’s generally agreed that the blood flowed from the heads and necks of tens of thousands of unfortunate folks, most of whom were ritualistically slaughtered in the name of the Revolution and without trial or due process, except for some suspiciously sounding NDAA styled decree that could easily render anybody an enemy of the state with a rigged court.

The French are currently in an uproar over the choice of French actor Gerard Depardieu to pack up and leave France after the French socialists passed a 75% tax on the rich. However, the departing Depardieu further inflamed the French when it was disclosed that he was leaving France with a whopping inventory of his favorite French cheeses. The audacity of the tax dodging Depardieu to leave France with French cheese no less is an insult to all things French and an act of treason according to the socialist statist script.

The socialist French cheese minister reportedly even went live on TV to proclaim:

“We want our fromage back. We don’t care how much Depardieu paid for it, he is a traitor to France and he owes us 75% of his income”, according to The Daily Squib, a British tabloid, here.

It’s entirely possible that the French cheese minister said no such thing but that’s irrelevant because the statement is definitely the mood of the French – how dare Depardieu leave France, not pay taxes and abscond with French cheese that he bought and paid for with money that he legally earned.

It’s the acute snub of the socialist regime that is fueling this outrageous debate.  After all, Francois Hollande won an election by campaigning on a promise to plunder the rich and he was duly elected by the folks in France.  While Hollande and his socialists pals who were swept into power in the 5/2012 election did in fact keep their promise to dramatically raise taxes the rich, a French court recently overturned the tax, here.

According to Mail Online, Depardieu “paid taxes amounting to 85 per cent of his income” last year, here.  Depardieu is no tax absconder and has been paying confiscatory taxes for years and years.  The Mail Online article also states:

In an angry letter, published in Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Mr Depardieu said he had been ‘insulted’ by France’s Prime Minister Mr Ayrault who called him pathetic for wanting to leave France for Belgium to avoid the new 75 per cent top rate of tax.

Mr Depardieu wrote: ‘I was born in 1948.

I started working aged 14, as a printer, as a warehouseman, then as an actor, and I’ve always paid my taxes.’

Over 45 years, Depardieu said, he had paid 145 million euros in tax, and to this day employs 80 people.

Depardieu is just one of many industrious and hardworking folks who started his life from humble beginnings and achieved success.  That’s his real crime.

Because of the French love affair with the guillotine, every now and then an article appears with a ‘bring back the guillotine’ theme.  In France, that’s no laughing matter and giving the French any new guillotine ideas is definitely cringe worthy.  Fortunately,  most of the guillotine pieces are humorously or not so humorously focused on “bring back the guillotine” for the banksters.

Finally, what is more deeply disturbing than a fed up Frenchman exiting France with a pile of cheese is that this fiasco illuminates the profound troubles that are surfacing in western nations.


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