Obama Voters: The Jokes On You…

January 7, 2013   |  


Did you really, truly believe that our liar-in-chief really meant that we’d only be raising taxes on “millionaires and billionaires”? You dumbass. Even if you taxed every millionaire and billionaire 100%, confiscated ALL of their wealth, period, that might be enough to fund the federal government for a week or two. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The gaping maw of the state will continue to rape ALL of our wallets until there is nothing left. We only have one major problem – too much government and too much spending. But I digress. I was talking to a typical Obama voter.

Do you really think that all of this free stuff that you are being given is really free? Do you really think that it will just keep on flowing once there is no one left to pay the tax? Do you really think that you are immune, no matter what you make? Silly idiot. There is no escape. 77% of Americans did not escape the tax man on January 1st. And since we did not go over the manufactured fiscal cliff, the supposed deal actually made matters much much worse – $41 in new spending for every $1 in new tax. But you don’t care about that.

Maybe you will care about it when you lose your job and your house and your car. Maybe you will care about it when every last penny in your bank account will be worthless because the dollar will collapse. Maybe you will care about it when everything that you have worked for is gone. But by that time it will be too late.

Meh, it doesn’t matter. Romney would have been just as bad. Go back to Facebook chatting about the Kardashians with your buddies on your free Obamaphones, pick up your government check for as long as they can pay you and go drinking until your too stupid to care.

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