This Deal Worse Than The Fiscal Cliff Ever Would Have Been

January 8, 2013   |  


The reality is is that if we had gone over the fiscal cliff as they worried we were going to then we would actually be better off. If we had gone off the fiscal cliff, we would have seen not only tax increases but spending cuts. As it is this “new deal”, and New Deal is a good name for it, actually did the opposite of what we needed to do.

In reality we got $41 of new spending to every dollar of new tax. This is 1000 times worse than if we had gone off the fiscal cliff.

Spending cuts is exactly what we need. It is the only thing we need on the economic front. And the fact that the GOP did absolutely nothing to not only extend tax cuts or stop increases spending shows you how bankrupt that party is. Both parties are bankrupt. Neither party is interested in turning things around in this country. Neither neither party is interested in economic development. Who would start a business in this environment? Who would hire new employees in this environment? No one. This is the plan, people. the plan is to wreck the economy. The plan is to turn us in to Europe.

So here’s my question. Why would Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies in both parties want to turn us into Europe? What is so wonderful about Europe that makes them want to idealize here what’s happening over there? I don’t get it. Maybe you could help me out. I mean what is it really about Europe that so wonderful? Why do we have to duplicate the European economy here? Is it just a case of destroying the US economy? Is it just a case of leveling the playing field?

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