With Ron Paul Gone, Who Is Going To Tackle The Real Issue?

January 10, 2013   |  


Ron Paul has barely left the building, and I miss him already. He was the only one who had the guts to stand up and actually ask the rule questions that needed to be asked, specifically the ones not on the size of government, because that seems what that seems to be what most people are asking. The question is not the size of government. The question is the role of government. The question is should government be doing this at all?

We need to take a long, hard look in every government program, each and every government agency, and determine whether or not it is essential. All we really need to do is look at that original blueprint which founded this country, the Constitution and compare that document to what we have today. All you have to do is look at the Constitution then look at the government program and see if the government program is described in the Constitution. If that government program is not described in the Constitution, then it needs to go. It’s so simple.

Neither party is in power today is interested in doing this. And if you look at the people who voted against this cliff deal is such a tiny number. Those are the only politicians the power today who are doing the right thing well most of them maybe. I don’t know about the inclinations of the others. But with Ron Paul no longer around no one is asking a question anymore. I’m hoping that his son Rand Paul will ask those questions but is still early to tell. I know he supported Mitt Romney during the last election. There may be some reason to believe that he doesn’t have the same level of vision as his father does. But we need that kind of vision in Congress, the presidency, all levels of the government.

Who is going to tackle the real issue? Who is going to look at the role of government as opposed to the size of government?

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