Why Are Americans So Naive…

January 11, 2013   |  


…as to think when a politician, yes even someone as “hopey” and “changey” as our lord and savior Barack Hussein Obama, says “taxes will not go up for anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year”, that they believe them? Just got my first paycheck of the new year and I have to tell you that it feels like a punch in the gut. You’ll be feeling it yourself pretty soon, if you aren’t already.

A typical, average, non-millionaire will be taking it in the chin to the tune of an extra $100 a month. That’s $1200 a year, kemosabe. When these people voted for Obama did they really think they were going to be spared? I’ll bet they did.

Look at the debt. Look at the budget (or lack thereof). There is no way that the federal government can afford to NOT tax everyone. This I learned from living in a high tax, big government country before I moved to the US.

I’m originally from Canada. I’m used to hearing lies and doublespeak from politicians, no matter how “holy” they seem to be. I used to think that maybe American politicians might be more trustworthy as they had to be more accountable than their Canadian counterparts, but this is not longer the case (if it ever was). Here is a tip to those Americans out there who still believe. Repeat this to yourself when you see a politicians lips move:

“They are lying. Everything that they are saying is a lie. Do not believe anything that this man or woman is saying. He or she is a pathological liar, who will do anything and say anything to get your vote, then do whatever they like once they get into office”

Just remember that. Maybe next time you hit the ballot box, it will help.

PS: BTW, there are a very, very few in Congress, like Rand Paul, Justin Amash and maybe about 8 in total. A very, very small army for liberty indeed.


You followed all of the debate over the fiscal cliff and were relieved to hear that taxes were only going up for the rich this year.

Well, you were wrong.

Because neither party wanted to defend it, the temporary payroll tax cut enacted under Obama died at the end of 2012, which means that everyone in the country will see a bigger tax bite out of their paychecks this year. So when you get your first check of the year, look at the amount charged under “FICA” – you’re going to be paying more than you did in December.

How big a bite is it? For many middle class workers, it will work out to a trip to the grocery store or a tank of gas less every two weeks this year.

via Think Only the Rich Will Pay More Taxes? You’re Wrong.

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