The End Of The Second Amendment Is Actually Nigh…

January 14, 2013   |  


This is it people. We had a feeling that it was coming and now its here. The President of the United States is going to issue an executive order which all but deletes the 2nd amendment from the Constitution, likely by banning the sale of ammunition. California pols started it, now Obama is going to finish it. and he can always say that it’s totally constitutional!

Let me be clear. This Executive Order only suspends the right to purchase ammunition. It has no effect on the right to bear arms. The Constitution is very clear on this.”

– A Future Statement By Barack Obama

Are you telling me that WalMart doesn’t have the inside scoop on this? If you really want to see a likely future government action, watch closely the actions of the private businesses, especially those who live and die by the actions of government (which is most of them nowadays, unfortunately). WalMart obviously has people who have likely seen and maybe even heard first hand:

WalMart reportedly has stopped selling ammunition ahead of the Obama administration’s anticipated gun control recommendations to Congress — and uncertainty over what new laws may be coming.

According to the Investment Watch blog, WalMart Corporation will no longer place new ammunition orders pending “the upcoming decision on the Second Amendment.”

A customer stood with a WalMart employee as a call was made to the corporate office.

via WalMart Suspends Ammo Orders Pending Gun Control Decision | CNS News.

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