The Bloody Secret Of American Politics

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If you are like most of us peasants, you have been exposed to the idea of a ruling class elite that controls America.

But just what is a ruling class elite?

To most commoners, the ruling class elite concept stems from the tendency of our leaders, even when mired in scandal or plagued by incompetency, to somehow achieve re-election again and again and thereby make “careers” out of being politicians. Take a good look at Congress and make special note of individuals that have served, and I use that term loosely, as a senator or house representative for 15 or more years. Hell, the reality is there are 102 individuals that have served for 36 years or longer. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to interpret hundreds of “career” politicians, sitting in the seats of power for decades, as a ruling elite.

And yet, most peasants shrug this off because they believe that in America, if the politician doesn’t live up to expectations, the public can just “elect someone else.” But are you sure?

What if the American ruling elite was more literal, more like back in the day—when kings were Kings, lords were Lords and peasants were peasants—when bloodlines, marriages and family ties were the ultimate factor as to who was in charge? I know, I know—we can’t have that here. In America, we dumped that “old country” crap. We have elections. Here, the people decide who their leaders will be. Again, I must ask, are you sure?

The reality is you have been duped—you have been played for a fool. The secret truth is that a horrifying number of America leaders—particularly our Kings, pardon me, our presidents, are related. Actually, they are all related—except one. That’s right. Here is the reality:

Pretty creepy, eh? It seems that Presidents are not elected by the people, they are selected by “the family”.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, crusaders. And don’t give me that “if you go back far enough, we’re all related” crap.

Sure, you may have 1/37th of similar lineage — or whatever it is. But you are outside the breeding circle. At some point, someone in your family was deemed inappropriate. Lacking. Inferior. Your blood was purged from the family.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

This bloodline leadership is not just limited to the presidency. If it was, it really couldn’t be perpetuated.

What is actually happening is positions within the government are filled with cousins, nephews, nieces, or grandchildren. It is despotism—if you will—on a royal scale.

This allows the family to be in control of virtually all of American legislature and when necessary, members of “the family” can be dangled in front of the public for “election” — if you believe you actually elect leaders.

The so-called “ruling elite” is actually the “royal family” and bloodlines from the old country are in place here in America.

Take a look for yourself:

And so now you know. American politics is nothing like you thought it was, is it? This video, with its cartoon images and peppy music, makes it seem like coincidence — a funny factoid of Americana. But don’t be fooled, just like back in the day, you are still being led by a blood tie to the Royals.

This explains much of what we see — the distortion of the constitution (to hell with the right’s of peasants), the surveillance, the police state, the economic crisis and bailouts (actually an unprecedented theft of middle class wealth), the unbridled promotion of the welfare-state — all these things designed to keep the ruling family in place and drive the middle class into poverty and submission. After all, how much of a threat are sheeple, when they live pay check to pay check, allow their communications to be tapped and let “authority” squeeze their tits and juggle their jewels in the name of travel security?

Call me a fool, but those are exactly the kind of peasants I want working my fields. How about you?

The silver-lining is, of course, we have guns.

Oops, perhaps we need to re-think that.

Why do you think this gun-control push is suddenly so critical? Because of the recent shootings? Please, get serious. This bloodline government, with war and assassinations, kills hundreds of thousands of people every year — and has for hundreds of years. Do you actually think they give a chuck?

They aim to dis-arm American peasants and solidify their status once and for all. After all, poor and compliant is one thing — armed is something else. And don’t fall for the illusion that “gun loving” Republicans will save us. That is part of game. Democrat or Republican — blood is blood.

Using text books and propaganda the “royal family” has hid its despotism from you. They are the rulers and we are the paupers. From their perspective their blood is untainted and pristine, yours — impure. Bestial.

The idea that “anyone can become president” in America is absurd. As you have seen, it is a tease, mere propaganda. It is an outright lie. Your son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson or granddaughter may serve on a local town board, perhaps may even rise to a state level position but they will never become president — ever — because you and yours are outside the family.

Unless, of course, the day arrives when the family itself is purged.

Unfortunately, if the American sheeple allow this bent and incestuous family to continue to drive them into poverty, to spy on them and take their guns, then this ruling family will never be removed.


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