Parallels Between Hitler & Obama Are Wrong…Hitler Never Banned Guns!

January 17, 2013   |  

Guess what people. All of those memes running around the internet comparing Obama to Hitler on gun control were wrong. Sure, both of them used children in order to advance their agendas. Both of them are tyrants of the worst, most narcissistic variety. Both of them aspired to fundamentally change their countries into their ideal perception of those countries. But there is one big difference between them: Hitler never banned guns. Disarming the populace is Obama’s idea.

We were wrong about Obama and Hitler. At least many of us Obama-bashers were this morning in one very important respect.

Now, we know that Obama is a gun-grabbing, bloodthirsty narcissist who thrives on a cult of personality. But he differs from the mustachioed embodiment of evil in one very important regard: Hitler never banned guns.

via Popular Parallels Between Hitler And Obama Are Wrong…But Obama Is Still A Tyrannical Narcissist.

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