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January 31, 2013   |  


Well it sure has been a while!  Since October I have been keeping myself busy pursuing the American dream by buying my first house, finishing and receiving my bachelor’s degree, and enjoying the holidays with my family.  During that time though, the continued assault on liberty by those in Washington has maintained its steady pace.  With all the recent talk of gun control and fiscal meltdown, I felt it was high time I get back to the libertarian blogosphere.

Before I started writing here at the Freedom Bunker I had my own blog and podcast called Experimental Medicine.  It was a libertarian site as well, and I would often cross post articles from there on this site.  Unfortunately, trying to keep u on that project become more and more difficult as the podcast server wasn’t well maintained and I was constantly changing hosting sites for the blog.  So last week I decided to scrap the whole thing and start fresh with the Portable Libertarian podcast.

Two episodes are already up and running at the main page here, however I urge everyone who is interested to just subscribe.  New episodes will also be posted here so there will be plenty of ways to listen.  Enjoy!

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