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February 16, 2013   |  

I am writing this in response to the folks over at Their most recent anti-gun ad can be seen here.

I am tired of the memories of little children being dragged out by the left so they can advanve their ideas of utopia where only the government has firearms.

The rhetoric of the left has been heard over and over throughout history. Possibly at one point a caveman suggested rock control after Grog killed Ood. It’s a message repeated over and over and we have all seen the movie and we know how it ends. Now get in the trains.

So I responded, not that I think for one moment that they have any interest in what I say, not unless I include a very big check to their cause. Then they’d listen until they realized I don’t support their ideas. Or about 3.4 seconds.

Yes I was member of the NRA and thanks to this sad attempt bring up the ghosts of dead children in an attempt to further their agenda, I will be again. Guess what You succeeded in doing the opposite of what you intended.

But don’t worry so much. I respect your right to HATE big bad scary guns. So I promise, with my hand to God if need be, that I will NEVER use my big bad nasty scary gun to defend you. You can call your government and hope help arrives in time. But if t doesn’t, well hey you get to have your body outlined where it falls. After all Police are there to investigate crimes, it is rare they actually stop one. But I’ll keep my guns secured and let you handle the criminals your way.

Just remind them that when they are done with you all, it would be in their best interests to stay away from me and mine. I shoot first and couldn’t care less about names or questions.

By the way in his wonderful (read as mind numbingly dull) State of The Union address, Our wanna be dictator, President Obama said that Gabby Giffords deserved a vote. Yes sir she does, she deserves a vote from a jury of guilty or not guilty. THAT is the vote she DESERVES. But then again so do the people and families at Fort Hood. You know the act of “workplace violence” as you labeled it.

Below is my response to our “we know everything and we will tell you what is right” friends over at


As a gun owner and father I find it disgusting that your organization and others on the far left continue to use the tragedy of lil children being killed to advance your own agenda. This commercial is one man’s opinion. Good for him. He should enjoy his FIRST AMENDMENT rights while he still has them.

You all think that more gun control will solve it all. Good plan, worked well so far has it not. I mean Chicago is a HUGE gun free zone and they are on track to break last year’s murder record. Why? I mean it’s a gun free zone, the whole damned city is, so why is the murder rate in Ol’ Chicago higher than all the U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan? OH that’s right because of an issue you all don’t want to hear. CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS!

Really it is that simple. So you passed a gun control law? Good for you. So now tell me, how many members of; the Crips, the Bloods, the Hells Angels, the Aryan Brotherhood, La eMe (the Mexican Mafia), the Mungiki (Kenyan Mafia), Primeiro Commando da Capital (Brazilian Gang), the Black Guerilla Family, La Nuestra Familia, the Texas Syndicate or MS13 have turned in their guns?

Maybe if you all ask really nice? Maybe this commercial will make them say, “Oh dear, guns are bad. We should turn ours in for a gift card from Target.” Let me know when THAT happens.

As a gun owner and a father and citizen of this country I am appalled by the way you and the majority of the media have used tragedy over and over again to advance your own agenda. The NRA’s disgusting reply to it? What to provide our children with security that is provided to airports and to sports stadiums. To give them a level of protection that Congress and the President enjoy?

So what you all are saying is our children aren’t worth protecting. THAT is your message. Don’t protect our children if it means that some lousy punk might get killed to do it. That some deranged homicidal madman or woman (let’s be fair) might be killed by a well-armed and trained officer in order to protect OUR children, then no you oppose it. Well then……………..

Take money from groups like yours; advance the left wing agenda of leaving our kids defenseless, of leaving our homes defenseless…….and WE WILL REMEMBER TOO. The vocal and out of touch minority DOES NOT speak for all of us.

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