Are We Too Far Gone?

February 26, 2013   |   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Last night I was catching up on the most recent episode of The Americans (which is a great show if you are into that stuff). There will be a marathon of the 4 episodes I think this week.

Within this particular episode was when Ronald Reagan was shot. Subsequent scenes showed the camera panning to many different people, all walks of life who were in shock and obviously saddened by the potential assassination of their President. What would happen to the country? Would we be ok? All the normal questions.

However I got to thinking..  Back in 1980, when Reagan was shot, could you walk around the country and find many people who were happy he was shot? I mean, all the KGB agents aside, could you actually find real American citizens who were happy that Ronald Reagan, the President was shot? Probably not. You may find a few, but the vast majority I would say would not be happy.

Could we say the same, as a country if it happened today? I am not AT ALL advocating for anyone to be shot. My point is simply this: Our country is so polarized and so divided that would an awful event, even one such as the President being shot, bring us together like 9/11 did? I just don’t know anymore. And that’s sad.

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