The Cowardly GOP

February 28, 2013   |  


I have to say that I’m not very happy with the GOP since the convention and my unhappiness grows more every day. Other than a handful of truly liberty minded individuals, that party needs to sink into the ground. I tell you, even on something as simple as the sequester which will force cuts, they can’t even stand their ground. Just watch as they buckle under this one as well, of course putting up a great show of fighting Obama – when in the end the reality is that neither party is really interested in cutting spending, no matter how wasteful it is.

A GOP with cohones would actually stand up to this administration and say “Screw compromise – NO MORE SPENDING!!” – But no, you’ll see a lot of hemming and hawing and panic and screeching from everyone on both sides but in the end they will just capitulate again and spending will go up. Even a minor, extremely minor cut like the sequester is too much to the GOP to fight for.

Its’ pretty sad. In reality, there are so few people in power who represent the interests of the people, its no wonder there is such apathy at the ballot box. People have checked out – they get it – no matter who they vote for it doesn’t matter, Nothing will change. Yet.

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