Sadly, The Sequester Is Likely The Best We Can Get

March 5, 2013   |  

AAF Sequester Perspective 2

So let say that as usual, the future hall of predictions is wrong about the sequester – I thought for sure that there would be no way that either side would allow anything like a spending cut. But now that they have, and with luck, they wont be able to do anything to stop it, even though it is simply a tiny drop in the bucket, it is likely the most we can expect. Which is pretty sad, because if you ask me, we need much more massive cuts.

Here we have an administration which have gone over 1400 days without a budget. I’ll bet that this is exactly what these economic idiots are looking for – a completely unaccountable, out of control ability to spend. Having an actual budget in place might actually force someone to be accountable for the spending.

Personally, despite the fact that we’ve seen every budget from the Ryan plan, which actually made some real, substantive cuts, to anything out of the Democrat side, which is simply more taxes and spending (which can never lead to economic growth) I’ll bet that we wont be seeing a real budget, or real cuts, anytime soon.

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