Every Dollar Spent Is A Dollar Stolen From Someone

March 8, 2013   |  


Every time I meet an economic idiot, and believe me there are plenty of them out there – including our lord and savior himself, I try to give them at least a rudimentary education in economics. Here is an example:

  • EI: We need to pay teachers more!
  • ME: Where do you think the money comes from to pay teachers.
  • EI: The government.
  • ME: Where you you think the government gets their money?
  • EI: From taxing the rich! Damn I hate the rich, tax them more!
  • ME: Most people who are rich are business people who start and run businesses who create jobs
  • EI: I know that. But they make profits! Profits should be banned!
  • ME: Do you know what would happen if profits were banned?
  • EI: Rich people would finally get their due!
  • ME: If people won’t profit from businesses why would they start them?
  • EI: They should do it because they want to give people jobs!
  • ME: But that’s means that they wouldn’t have any money to start a business, so the business will either shut down or never be started in the first place.
  • EI: Rich people have all the money! Tax them at 100% They don’t deserve to be rich!
  • ME: Do you have a job?
  • EI: No. (Usually)
  • ME: Ah ha.

And so on. You  know there is no way to reason with these people. It just goes on and on in circles. For some reason, these people have been given absolutely no inkling of how economics truly works. They are under the impression that money can literally be created from nothing.

But here is a simple test. Just keep saying “Where does X get its money from to do that?” Usually, unless the person is on the government payroll, eventually they end up realizing that the taxes that they pay are paying for what they are asking for. Every dollar spent by the government comes from someone. And most likely that someone is you.

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