Look! Up In the Sky, It’s A Bird, A Plane…It’s Death

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Unless you have been hibernating you know that gun control legislation has been a hot topic these past few months. As it should be. The lawless federal government it seems, has no limits in shredding the Constitution.

Unfortunately, although gun control is important, there is an equally important issue that is just as pressing for liberty loving patriots.

That dubious label belongs to Stratespheric Aerosol Geoengineering–commonly called chemtrails—and it is ugly and horrifying and must be stopped now.

Do not confuse chemtrails with contrails. There is an intentional push to confuse the two. But they are different. Contrails (condensation trails, sometimes called vapor trails) are white vapor trails left behind a jet as it soars across the sky. Because they evaporate after a few minutes their length is typically about 15 lengths of the jet.

Contrail, a vapor trail behind a jet

Chemtrails are the trails that stretch huge expansions of the sky, sometimes it seems from horizon to horizon. They often cross over one another forming giant X or checkerboard patterns in the sky. They never evaporate because they are made of particles. The particles disperse as the hours pass, creating a cloudy haze as they slowly but surely drift down to the planet’s surface.

Chemtrails are bad news.

The diabolical history of chemtrails is presented in a film by Michael Murphy called, What In The World Are They Spraying. The documentary is tightly focused and provides much information. It has a run time of approximately 90 minutes and can be found HERE.

The film outlines the miss-information and propaganda related to chemtrails and you will learn of the many toxic substances, particularly aluminum, routinely sprayed into our atmosphere.

Chemtrails polluting the sky and our earth

Geoengineering of the climate, commonly called chemtrails, is sold to the peasants as a “battle against global warming.” The supposed plan is to cool the planet by saturating the atmosphere with particles which then create clouds and thereby block the heat of the sun.

If you believe that global warming is a ruse then obviously you see this as a cover story. And if you question humankind’s competency to play God and manipulate weather without harming Earth or its inhabitants, then you are probably uncomfortable with this pursuit. The idea that a lawless government runs the program is, well, a little creepy, too. And the fact that particles of toxic substances are used should make your hair stand up. What hair you will have left after most of it falls out from over-exposure to toxic chemicals, that is. But we’ll get to that soon.

Obviously, the true intent of geoengineering of the climate can, and should, be questioned.

So if it isn’t the glorious and righteous battle against global warming as sold, then what exactly is the point of dumping hundreds of tons of toxic particles into the sky?

Since it is our government that is managing the spraying, let us start there.

Chemtrails first came to public awareness sometime during the 1990’s. Yet it seems it took until October of 2001 for any type of official government acknowledgement. That is when Congressman Dennis Kucinich submitted bill HR 2977.IH, which proposed to ban the weaponization of space. Chemtrails, it just so happens, is included in the bill–listed as a weapons system.

Pollution as a weapon?

It seems a little inefficient so probably not, but like any good “conspiracy” theory, there is more to it.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska, is, according to the official website, “the premier facility for the study of ionospheric physics and radio science.”

The HAARP program was founded in 1990, just a few years before the public began noticing chemtrails, and has a stated goal to “further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems.”

Hey, sounds terrific.

And obviously, with an official website, the HAARP program is not classified. Indeed it boasts that documents related to its studies are a matter of public record. In fact, if you read the webpage’s FAQ, it all seems quite scientific and wholesome.

So what’s the problem?

Well, putting the quality copywriting aside, the facility is, ultimately, restricted access–so no peasants allowed. But more troubling is that pesky little word in the goal statement: “military”.

It turns out, if you do your research, HAARP can in fact be used to create havoc.

Electromagnetic frequencies are used by HAARP to fire energy beams into the high sky and excite the ionosphere. Investigators researching HAARP submit that charging the ionosphere can allow one to direct an electromagnetic force over a city and destroy its electronics. Further, HAARP can alter weather, create floods, tornadoes or even earthquakes.

If we jump back to the bill introduced by Congressman Kucinich, we can note that the bill wants to ban weapons “designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.”

It has long been whispered that the earthquake in March of 2011 that triggered the Fukushima tsunami was generated by HAARP. Who did it and why may be explored at another time but for our purposes, the reference to “tectonic systems” within the Congressman’s bill appears to indicate the military can, in fact, use earthquakes as weapons.

Go figure.

Chemtrails tie into the HAARP program because the large clouds created by the release of tons of microscopic particles help improve HAARP capabilities.

So it seems, the government, to enhance its weaponry, has a motivation to pollute the skies.

Of course, if the government can play with weather for military purposes, it means that Big Business can play with weather for profit purposes.

And any sharp peasant will, when trying to figure out the dubious motivations of the power elite, follow the money.

Did you know that extreme weather conditions are sold as derivatives on the market? You bet they are.

Consider the value of knowing in advance, for example, that a drought or severe storm was going to decimate corn crops. Clearly you could make money from that knowledge. Depending on the scenario, you could probably make a huge amount of money. It is not a stretch then, to consider that geoengineering of the climate has been introduced by the extremely greedy to stack the deck, to hedge their bets in the market. The derivatives exists. Betting for profit or loss on the weather is a fact.

So, perhaps chemtrails, rather than being a planet-cooling initiative, is really a money-making scheme. Of course, the question as to  why toxic substances are used still needs to be addressed.

But, as you know, profit motives can lead to much more diabolical behavior than hedging bets.

What industries stand to gain from the slow poisoning of America with toxic substances?

Well, there is Big-Pharma. Consider all the medicines that can be sold to millions of peasants as they physically breakdown from years of constant exposure to toxic particles.

Carolyn Williams Palit points out, “the toxic effects start out subtlely and will certainly become more toxic as the chemical residues build and enter the food chain and water systems.”

The desperate search by the poisoned peasants to improve their breathing, stop skin lesions or keep their hair from falling out probably equates to billions of pills, yes? I’m not an accountant but billions of pills sounds like a lot of money.

And like the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, soon with endless customers, will benefit for similar reasons.

Depending on your age, you may have noticed that over your lifetime it seems cases of Autism and Alzheimer’s have increased. Indeed, according to BrightFocus.com,

Between 2000 and 2008, deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease increased 66%, while those attributed to the number one cause of death-heart disease-decreased 13%.

Approximately 5.4 million Americans now have Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, more than 15 million Americans could be living with the disease

Worldwide, nearly 36 million people are believed to be living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. By 2030, if breakthroughs are not discovered, we will see an increase to nearly 66 million.

It is known that aluminum, a major ingredient within the spraying, attacks the brain.


The premise, although utterly horrifying, is really very simple–rot mankind and sell trillions.

And it is not only people’s health that needs to be considered when exploring the motivations for dumping hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals into the sky for money. What about Mother Nature? Plants and animals are slowly poisoned, too.

Today, there are amazing genetic-based technologies rapidly developing. Big-Agro, already selling genetically modified food, could also benefit from toxic spraying.

You may find it interesting that Aluminum Resistent gene Patent #7582809 was issued in September, 2009. What is it? It is gene technology that allows seeds, after being genetically modified, to grow in toxic aluminum sludge. See how it works? Rot the soil with aluminum and then make billions in aluminum-resistent seeds.

Perhaps the lab wizards are working on a genetic modification of animals and insects, too. For all we know, the wizards may be just steps away from genetically-modifying the human immune system. Perhaps sometime soon all American peasants can be aluminum resistant–for a price.

Poison for profit. It is deeply troubling. But with a corporate-controlled, fascists government, would you expect anything else?

Murphy’s film references reports that indicate toxic levels of aluminum have been measured in certain parts of the country at 61,000 parts per billion. The government alert level is at 1000 parts per billion. Have you heard any government warnings regarding exceedingly high levels of aluminum? That is 60,000 times above regulation.

But have no fear, crusaders–we have Obama-care.

Finally, if pollution to improve weaponry or poison for profit wasn’t enough, there is always the chemtrails and NWO bit.

We know from Agenda 21 literature, the Georgia Guidestones and various leaks to the press that managing the human population (max. limit 500 million) is the stated goal of the NWO, satan-loving, inbreeding psychopaths. Many of these folks have openly discussed a desire to enact de-population programs. Some of these programs are, or may soon be, in effect. Stories of tainted vaccines meant more to sterilize than immunize are common and come from across the globe. The toxic substance fluoride, intentionally placed in the water supply for many decades now, has little to do with teeth and lots to do with control and submission.

A video made by an enterprising citizen of the world testing rainwater yielded the following results:
780 times safe levels of Aluminium
593 time safe levels of arsenic
4000 times safe levels of manganese
300 times safe levels of barium
8000 times safe levels of zinc
2000 times safe levels of iron
4000 times safe levels of boron

Anyone thirsty?

Boron, by the way, has a proclivity for attacking testicles producing atrophy in as little as 90 days at low levels of exposure. It has also been cited as causing premature ovarian failure. If you had a desire to control population growth, sprinkling boron down upon the peasants and destroying their testicles and ovaries would help your cause, yes?

Could these dirty inbreds and their political puppets in our lawless government be instituting massive atmospheric pollution, along with fluoride in the water and tainted vaccines, as a way to slowly and methodically sterilize, poison or kill the human sheeple, to thin the herd so to speak, to bring about their target population?

Or is the release of hundreds of tons of toxic material used for enhanced military capability? Or is it poison for profit?

Perhaps it is all three. It does make sense.

The dirty inbreds want to de-populate Earth. They fund the political puppets that will authorize programs like fluoride in the drinking water, tainted vaccines and chemtrails. They also fund the scientific community and push them to develop military technology that needs “acceptable” levels of toxic pollutants to be released to enhance electro-magnetic weapon systems. Of course, General G. I. Joe is all for chemtrails if they make his energy weapons shoot straighter and fry faster, you know, so he can preserve the American way of life. And Big-Business, ultimately owned by the dirty inbreds, collects the cool cash the entire time the peasants rot.

The evidence is in. Multiple years of science samples have been accumulated. We are being poisoned. Insects are being poisoned. Plants are being poisoned.

Streams, rivers, ponds and lakes all over the country are being polluted with toxins. Our lands have undergone a Ph change. Huge swaths of trees within forests across the country are dying or dead, the silver-white bark providing a big clue as to what brought about their demise.

Murphy’s film mentions that firefighters believe wild fires have intensified in ferocity due to increased levels of aluminum and magnesium in the woods. It turns out, aluminum as a fine particle, is actually an accelerate.

It is interesting to note that “green advocates” will raise holy hell about a pipeline but there is not one peep of complaint, not one green guy chained to a silver tree, to protest the systematic spraying of America with toxic substances. Apparently their funding is more important than their cause.

What justification can be made to support the slow and methodical poisoning of America? Or the entire globe? What type of bent and sick scoundrel would allow the organized spraying of a metallic poison and allow it to drift down and glaze everything on the surface of Mother Earth?

We are being sprayed like a bugs in a farm field. And research seems to indicate it has been happening for some 12 or 15 years, perhaps a bit longer. If that isn’t insulting enough, we are paying for it, too. Our tax dollars are being used to poison us, our spouses and our children. Personal assets that you own, that you and your family have worked hard to acquire–farm land, animals, prized-rose bushes–all of it is being slowly ruined beyond repair by metallic toxins.

The only people claiming anything different are those that directly benefit from the agenda–the scientists that write slanted papers because they rely on corporate funding and therefore must tow-the-line, the patent holders of emerging technology, Big Business that wants to ring the cash register and the dirty inbreds that think you and your family are pathetic sheeple, not worthy of a dignified life, but only of a slow rot and anguishing death.

Fight for your guns, crusaders, as it is a just cause. But realize we have more work to do because what good is a gun if you are already dead or so sickly you pose a laughable threat?

For More Info See: What In The World Are They Spraying and Drinking Water Analysis and Aluminum Oxide and Chemtrails and Denying Chemtrails is Dangerous for Your Health and Chemtrails – The Latest Assault on Us and The ALUMINIZATION of Our Soils and About The Sky and Geoengineering Watch


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