Cyprus Steals Right Out Of Your Bank Account, US To Follow?

March 19, 2013   |  


It begins. Something that hungry governments all over the world have been salivating over is the ability to simply drop the pretense that any of that hard earned money that you make is actually yours, and start to steal it directly from your bank account. Once they announced that there was a possibility that this was going to happen, Cypriots flocked to their respective banks to take back their earnings before the state steals them. Of course, they were barred from doing so. There is a slim chance that this will not pass, and the state will not be able to rape its citizens even more, but I doubt it. The gaping maw of the state will always find ways to take more and more of our money and our freedoms, in order to help to oppress us, both economically and culturally.

Listen: you know that the world is watching this because each and every socialist state out there, including ours, is falling headlong towards bankruptcy. They refuse to see the reality of the situation, and continue to spend and spend and spend until there is nothing left, and then take more from us so that they can keep on spending.  Cyprus is simply the first to do this, if they pass it now, others will follow. The collective wealth that the world has in banks all over the world will begin to disappear. All of that money, all of your hard earned money, which you thought was safe after taxes, is now up for grabs. They are watching this very closely, in order to judge reaction. If it doesn’t happen now, then it will eventually. They are softening us up for it.

You really think this will not happen here? This administration is already planning it. They want to turn us into yet another failed socialist state, with all of the downsides that implies. It’s always instructive to watch what the state is doing there – since you can bet unless we change course – we’ll be right there with them.

The mainstream media downplaying of what is happening in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus this weekend is already muddying the water. Tens of thousands of unwitting little people have had their bank accounts ripped off over the long weekend by their own government, in a fashion where their ripped off funds were already a fait accompli before word began to leak out over social media.Media downplaying notwithstanding, the unvarnished truth about what is happening in Cyprus is both precedent setting and staggering in dimension.Yet mainstream media reports are already describing the robbery of ordinary depositor’s money as a “one-off levy”, and writing “the first time a deal has called for savers to sacrifice some of their cash holdings”.

via EU theft of private bank accounts a “sacrifice” to mainstream media.

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