The Battle Over Benghazi

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It is now about eight months after the attack in Benghazi, Libya. That dastardly deed left four Americans dead.

Obviously, thinking they can get some mileage out of it, Republicans have blown the dust off the file in hopes of creating momentum for impeachment of our beloved supreme ruler.

Which is ironic since it was most likely rabid Republicans and their filthy rich rooters that were behind the Benghazi attack.

It was supposed to be the classic “October surprise” — a planned scandal orchestrated by the opposition to embarrass and/or politically harm Obummer prior to the election.

What better way for the money men betting on the Romney horse to get their drug-stud to the finish line than have the supreme ruler take the fall for multiple American deaths. After all, a second attack perpetrated on 9/11 resulting in four deaths is not only insulting but utterly unacceptable to many Americans and will generate lots of questions, bitterness and rage. And if you recall the lame cover story pushed by Central Planning—a video protest gone bad—you can add absurdity to the list. Most would agree that incompetency and silliness are not traits that make for a quality supreme ruler.

But if it was the Republicans then why are they bringing it up? Isn’t that playing with fire? If Obummer comes clean and spills the beans won’t it hurt the Republicans?

You bet.

But Obummer won’t sing. He knows who butters his bread.

Plus, like every other criminal in our lawless federal government, he has something to hide.

Dr. Webster Tarpley, in a piece published at Veterans Today, reminds us that the “so-called US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was in fact a CIA station with more than 50 personnel on hand to maintain liaison with the Al Qaeda death squads deployed by NATO intelligence in 2010 and 2011 for the purpose of overthrowing the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.”

So the supreme ruler wants to keep the details of Benghazi on the hush-hush because he was running guns to al-Qaeda (CIA) fighters. And that is a no-no. I mean, the Assassin-in-Chief has a Noble Peace Prize for goodness sake!

By the way, if you didn’t know, bad-boy Barack is doing the same thing in Syria.

Of course, national politics is no kid’s game and the Republicans, arguably guilty of a failed coup, don’t seem to be backing down. It’s a “Benghazi or bust” play with their party’s credibility–what remains of it— on the line. It’s enough to make Benedict Arnold proud.

Meanwhile, the impeachment sign leaning on the wall outside the Oval Office is too big to be missed by Obama and his robots in Central Planning. How will Obummer respond? How will the supreme ruler wiggle out from a frame job when he himself, has something to hide?

The propaganda press and the communists on the Left have long been bragging of the staggering genius and personal savvy of the greatest political puppet ever constructed—now they get to see him really strut his stuff.

Or watch as he goes down in disgrace.


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