Is the Zimmerman Trial Over Yet?

July 15, 2013   |   Tags: , , , ,

Maybe you did not know it by that name, but the Trayvon Martin trial in Florida is really called the Zimmerman trial.

Over decades of merging the victim industry with the bureaucracy, if something actually gets done in a speedy manner, it messes everything up.  That is apparently what happened to the scripts, busloads of protestors, staged outrage and the like.

Back in the old days ,when Abbot “Abbie” Hoffman was running his traveling show, he and his gang were ready at the drop of a dime (or a #14 brass washer) to show up and get arrested for “the cause,” even if the arrest was for jumping a BTA turnstile.  After the 1968 Democrat Convention, when Ron Kaufman bought him some bullhorns, Abbie never left home without one.

I didn’t agree with Abbie’s solutions, since his solution to everything was getting himself in front of a camera on the way to a jail cell, just in time for his next book release.  But the problems themselves were undeniable.

The difference today?  Back when Abbie Hoffman was working his theater of the streets, parks and jail cells, there were serious, widespread issues of institutional racism going on in every corner the republic.  Almost every bit of it enacted, instigated, and enforced by government.

What do we have in the Zimmerman case?  A guy who, while getting his head pounded against a curb, shot his attacker in self defense.  What did the government of Florida do?  They tried to lynch the victim in a courtroom.

Maybe things are not so different now as they were in Abbie Hoffman’s day.  Public officials are still trying to lynch people based on race, they just picked a different race to lynch, even if they need to lie about the race of the Hispanic victim.

One thing that is “messed up” in the Zimmerman case is the jury came back a couple days too soon.  The buses haven’t been loaded, the checks for agitators have not even been printed.

These days, Al Sharpton keeps a bullhorn at the ready, and he will appear as soon as someone pays his appearance fee, airfare, and supplies fresh batteries for his oral device.  He’ll fill in the blank names in his script on the flight down.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Finance.  He is a 30 year veteran Aviation Officer of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, and former Defense Contractor in Resource Management.  He has always had a libertarian streak, no matter which major Party flag he flew. Today he is a Minarchist leaning to Anarcho-Capitalism. He and his wife reside in a secret, undisclosed, subterranean lair with the clan motto of “Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt.” The Anarchist’s Soufflé  Book is Steve’s current work in progress, along with Time Bomber: The Forgotten Yippie, coming soon any year now.  Steve has been published by the Reason Foundation, and the Foundation for Economic Education.  Follow Steve @AustrianAnarchy and view his Austrian Anarchy blog.

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