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September 26, 2013   |  

From 24 September 2013 to 25 September 2013 a junior Senator from the State of Texas, named Ted Cruz, a Republican took the floor of the U.S. Senate and for more than 21 hours spoke to the Senate but more importantly to the American people.
During that time he read the book “Green Eggs and Ham” as bedtime story to his daughters watching at home. Later he was criticized by New York Democrat Charles Schumer about that.

You see Senator Cruz was speaking about the “Affordable Healthcare Act” otherwise known as the “AHA” or better as “Obamacare.” I hate that term, by the way, let us call if anything “DeomcratCare” or “Democare” after all they pushed it all on us.
Senator Cruz like a large and growing percentage of the American populous isn’t a big fan of the bill. Though I think may be understating that a bit, some flat out hate it.

I thought the moment to read to his daughters, was a sweet one. By the way he stated his daughters are 5 and 2 respectively. But as usual a moron from the Senate had to make a political point. And get his face on TV. They do love the camera.
So enter Senator Chuck Schumer a Democrat from New York. A man who by his own admission has been in Congress with John McCain and Harry Reid since 1982.

Seems to me that is way too long, 31 years? Maybe we do need term limits?

And here is what the illustrious (I know sarcasm doesn’t come across well in typing) had to say about the reading.
“I was appalled,” the New York senator told reporters Wednesday. “Green Eggs and Ham has a moral: Don’t criticize something, don’t reject something, until you actually try it. Sam said he didn’t like green eggs and ham for a long time. And then when he finally tried it, he liked it.”

“Maybe Ted Cruz, once Obamacare occurred, might actually like it,” Schumer said, still shaking his head over the book. “I don’t know if he read it.”
(Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/25/chuck-schumer-ted-cruz-green-eggs-and-ham_n_3990913.html?utm_hp_ref=politics)

Allow me to take a moment to address the illustrious moron, I mean Senator, on this issue.
Just a quick list of things I have never tried and don’t need to as I am pretty certain I won’t like them:

  • Being shot in the head
  • Being forcibly sodomized in a prison shower
  • Being water boarded
  • Having turpentine poured in my eyes
  • Being bit in the genitals by a snake, gorilla, mountain lion, wolf etc…
  • Shaving with 80 grit sandpaper and an electric sander
  • Having a drill put through my knee, hand, elbow, etc…
  • Listening to Senator Charles Schumer drone on for 21 hours (Hell 21 seconds is too much)

Okay so you get the idea. There is a whole lot of stuff that I have never tried but I have a pretty good sense I wouldn’t like it.

Sorry Senator Schumer, your argument is invalid. But thanks for chiming in.

Senator Cruz was also attacked, and yes I said attacked by that illustrious so called Republican, John McCain of Arizona.
Now I will admit Senator McCain had a more valid argument about a part of Senator Cruz’s speech.
Part of the speech Cruz, (I’m dropping Senator, we know he is one and frankly I’m tired of typing the word.) compared pundits in current day D.C. to those who thought appeasement of the Nazi’s was good plan.

Cruz said, ““If we go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany – look, we saw it in Britain. Neville Chamberlain told the British people: Accept the Nazis. Yes, they will dominate the continent of Europe, but that is not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We cannot possibly stand against them…”

McCain was upset citing that his family fought in World War 2 as did so many others. Okay good point but as usual the “SENIOR Senator” missed the point.

Let me explain since I know that U.S. History is rarely taught in our schools these days.

Prior to Sunday, 7 December 1941, and if you don’t know that date by heart please smack yourself upside your head for me, there was no great outcry for joining a war in Europe or Asia. In fact people like Charles Lindberg argued against it. The nightmares of World War 1 were still fresh to them.

Many argued that it wasn’t our fight. I tend to agree with that except for the fact that I believe we had a duty to stop the Holocaust against the Jews and others. And yes I think we knew damned good and well what was happening. And well Imperial Japan had the asskicking they got coming after bombing our fleet at Pearl Harbor.

So good “old” John McCain missed the point of the statement. Not a huge surprise, we all know he dislikes ted Cruz and has called him, as well as Mike Lee and Rand Paul, “Whacko Birds.”

Little known fact. McCain lost 4 planes while serving as a navy pilot. One was obviously shot down over North Vietnam leading to his being a prisoner of war. Another was destroyed by the tragic fire aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal, one to an undetermined engine failure. The other one was a result of what the Navy determined to be pilot error. Meaning it was his fault.

There was also one crash where the plane wasn’t destroyed and this was attributed to “daredevil clowning” by McCain’s own admission. So let’s keep in mind the Senator isn’t a mistake free idol.

And since rumors have been going around that McCain Hates Cruz, not much surprise in his attacking him, is there.

(Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/09/23/McCain-Adviser-to-GQ-He-F-ing-Hates-Cruz)

Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader called Cruz’s speech a “waste of time.” Well Harry would certainly know about wasting time. There are what now, FIVE budgets passed by the House of Representatives waiting for the Senate to vote on them? But Reid won’t bring them to the floor. Instead every six months we get a “Continuing Resolution” to fund the Government. Every six months we play Russian roulette with shutting down the government.

Hey if it didn’t cut funding to the military, Social Security, the VA and Medicaid, I say shut it down. Let the States handle things without Federal interference for a while and see what happens.

Bet California and Illinois would be screwed running under their current Democrat controlled systems as well as my old home state of New Jersey, under the Democrat in Republican clothing they have for a Governor.

But states like; Texas, Florida, Arizona and Wisconsin would most likely thrive without the Feds in the way all the time.
Oh sure the Mexican drug cartels wouldn’t like it since the Feds appear to be a big supplier of their firearms. But hey they will be okay and get them elsewhere. Don’t worry about them.

  • The killers from Benghazi, Libya will still be running free.
  • Edward Snowden will still be in Russia.
  • The IRS might have to cut back on targeting “Conservative” groups for a bit, but probably not much.
  • The DOJ, or Department of Justice, will still be able to investigate itself for all the things it has done wrong.
  • And the White House will still blame Republican’s and former President George W. Bush for everything they have made a mess of.

So not much would really change, to be honest.
The lesson NEVER learned is this.
“We the people” control the Government, not the other way around. WE decide who to send to represent us. We decide if they are doing a good job or not.
But we fail to realize that Einstein was right. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By the way that can also apply to stupidity as well.
We keep reelecting the same old tired people with the same old tired ideas that have never worked, and we wonder why nothing seems to change. Well I will give you two guesses.
If you want real “Hope” and real “Change” then the solution is simple. STOP sending the same old tired ideas back to the Congress or the White House.
Elect new ideas and new ways of doing things. Elect fresh faces and minds. Elect people who don’t owe most of what they have to some special interest group. It isn’t that hard to figure out.
Remember the words of Plato, “The price of apathy in public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men.”
RULED. Remember that word. It is far different to be ruled that to be governed. Governed is what we are supposed to be. Ruled is what they have in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, etc… You get the idea.
The men and women who gave you the “Constitution” and the “Bill of Rights” risked everything and often paid with their lives to give you that freedom you have now. But they also gave you and me the burden of keeping it. It is not an irrevocable grant. It must be protected and fought for and nourished. They paid for freedom in blood and sweat and tears. They buried fathers and husbands and wives and yes children along the way to gaining it.
All that is asked of you is to get off your butt and go to vote. I never have and never will buy into this crap that one vote doesn’t make a difference. That is a weak cop out at best. Just say I am too damned lazy to go and vote and defend my rights using the tools I was given so long ago by people far braver than I am. Don’t give me the, “I didn’t get a chance” crap. That is a pathetic excuse. Voting day is known well in advance, absentee ballots and early voting are available in many states. So that excuse is lame and useless.
Getting out to vote may not be easy, but getting back rights that have been taken is far harder.
Removing people who were elected is more difficult that electing an opponent of theirs.
The lesson NEVER learned is that apathy has a price. And sometimes that price will be paid by your children and grandchildren. That my gentle readers is a burden NO parent should ever place on their child.

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