Brett Kavanaugh and (fake) girl trouble

September 24, 2018   |  

Sunday evening, news broke of a second woman who had come forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of being as sexually aggressive and deviant as one of the junior varsity Kennedys whose names come up connected to dead girls. According to a piece in The New Yorker, one Deborah Ramirez claims that Kavanaugh got handsy with her at a party back in the early 1980s. The report, by sexual assault investigator extraordinaire Ronan Farrow, has more holes than Bill Clinton’s excuse for why he was lingering in the plus-size junior miss section of the department store; but that’s inconsequential to liberals who hailed it as proof that Brett Kavanaugh is practically the Marquis de Sade, Don Juan and the Green River Killer, all rolled up in one. On the contrary, Ramirez’ sudden — and almost incomprehensibly convenient — appearance confirms this whole farce is all about “getting” Kavanaugh, and, by extension, Trump.

They’re clearly done with Christine Ford. Ms. Ford’s story, which began unraveling almost as quickly as she appeared, has now completely fallen apart. As if her frequent alterations to the original narrative wasn’t enough, the statements by key witnesses flatly denying her hazy recollections were serious broadsides. She certainly didn’t do herself any favors by developing the world’s most convenient case of stage fright. After two months of prep with people like the minions of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- Chinese State Security) issuing a list of ridiculous “demands” and developing a sudden case of aviophobia are the equivalent of claiming she left the proof on the bus. Add to that the Democratic shift to suggesting her veracity is irrelevant, and it’s clear that she’s headed for the lecture circuit. Ford will end up moldering in the same remainder bin in which Cindy Sheehan and Sandra Fluke have been consigned by Democrats who had no further use for them.  Hope the book deal was worth it, Ms. Ford. If I could offer a tip on the title: The Girl Who Cried Wolf is hackneyed, but fair.

Kavanaugh is the hill the Democrats have decided to die on. It seems odd to me, since Kavanaugh is likely only the second of what may well be three or even four high court seats filled by President Donald Trump, but if their play following Ford’s faceplant is to deploy an emergency backup accuser, then they’re all in. Of course, the The New Yorker story tries to brush past the fact that every other person connected to the alleged incident flatly denies it every happened. Someone should probably warn Ms. Ramirez that the second woman to falsely accuse someone of rape doesn’t get as big an advance from the publisher. There’s nowhere near as much money in The Next Girl Who Cried Wolf.

Feminism is dead. The Alexandrian Sword with which the left has repeatedly cut the Gordian Knot of American politics is duller than a hippie’s wits on day two of Coachella. After the exposure of multiple Democrats created the “MeToo” movement, it has — perhaps ironically — been turned into a weapon the Democrats use against their enemies. What’s more cynical than the party of Clinton, Franken, Weinstein, Ellison, et al, goading a woman into making blatantly false allegations of sexual assault against a man? Pretending it’s acceptable, because Trump.

Of course, this digital lynching of Brett Kavanaugh has nothing to do with sexual assault. This is all because the anti-lifers have convinced the left to dive headfirst into the sewer to protect their beloved abortion. The forces arrayed against Kavanaugh have gladly, even gleefully, abandoned any pretense of caring about the real victims of sexual predation, all because they’ve convinced themselves that Kavanaugh’s ascension to the highest court in the land will threaten the pipeline they have painstakingly set up from your wallet to the abortion clinics.  Never mind that Kavanaugh, who has never demonstrated any particular animus toward the practice, nor that he has called Roe v. Wade “settled law;” he’s one guy. Kavanaugh can no more overturn the 1973 decision — which has led to the deaths of more children than were killed by both World Wars — than he can convince Senator Feinstein to step down in favor of a Senator who wasn’t alive before Planned Parenthood sold its first baby organ.

Unfortunately, by agreeing to work their schedule around Ford’s increasingly diva-esque demands, the GOP gave the Democrats enough time to put together the Ramirez angle. The GOP has indicated that they’re just not that into Kavanaugh. Of course, if the left’s flying slander-monkeys have successfully sunk Kavanaugh’s chances, then Trump will have to go to the next name on his list. I, for one, can’t wait for the first guy DiFi’s minions talk into claiming he was sexually assaulted by Amy Barrett.

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