What do I not understand about the American people?

November 25, 2018   |  

What I do not understand about the American people is how they don’t see things that lie in plain sight. What do I mean? Here are four:

No. 1. Well, the number one thing is the government/banker system is wide open devaluing the dollar with the unlimited printing of money. This is economic war, pure and simple and Americans don’t seem to care one way or the other.

When the money printers print bales of paper money, the dollars already in circulation become worthless. Anybody should understand this debauching of the currency translates to widespread impoverishment. Those who have now will soon be have nots. No politician or government bureaucrat will reveal this to the American people.

The only possible reason for public ignorance is the government juggling the cost of the living index… and massive dumbing down by the public indoctrination system also known as government schools.

No. 2. The second thing is most Americans don’t see the dire need to own gold and silver. One otherwise intelligent man remarked that he couldn’t take gold to the grocery store and buy food with it. This is a rather innocent statement by a man who is well-versed in recent history.

Anybody that knows what happened in the German Wiemar Republic in 1923 would have the answer. The people couldn’t buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of paper money.

But those who had accumulated some silver coins could buy bread with a very small silver coin.

Here’s another real-life story closer to home and more recent. An acquaintance of mine worked for the U.S. government. He was tasked with processing South Vietnamese refugees seeking asylum after the fall of South Vietnam.

Some of the wealthier ones were carrying suitcases of South Vietnamese currency. They thought they were set for life. But it was worthless. The U.S. government wouldn’t give them anything in exchange because it was just fiat. The “full faith and credit” backing it was gone because the government backing it was gone.

Some smart ones, though, had accumulated gold, silver and diamonds. That was real wealth. They came to America financially set rather than impoverished.

So you see, we can preserve our wealth with silver and gold as the government destroys our paper money. Then at some point our silver and gold will be the only money that we will have.

It’s survival!! This is not difficult to understand.

No. 3. The third thing I don’t understand is why all Americans don’t have guns and ammunition.

Well, they have been neutralized and heavily propagandized by the government and its army of paid politicians.

Then the big thing is the people as a whole population don’t understand organized crime called government with its army of paid politicians and its food stamp “army” of 50 million people.

And the people don’t know the history of tyranny that has been carried out by governments around the world. All of them disarmed their population, promptly killed millions and enslaved the rest.

Anybody wanting to disarm the people have an agenda of pillage and rape in mind. Think of guns as self-defense and survival against government and political tyranny. Protect yourself from the enemy within.

And make no mistake, the government is working both covertly and overtly to steal your guns and your ammunition. The banksters are making it difficult for gun makers and gun sellers to get financing. Some financial organizations have quit processing sales for guns if they are designated as “assault weapons” – a meaningless and sophistic term of semantics and poppycock. Democrats in congress are talking openly about gun control. Behind the scenes talks are ongoing about “ammo control,” which involves the registering and restriction of ammunition sales.

If you don’t yet know that your enemy is within, there are bad things in your future.

Obey the law, but if it’s bad law, nullify it!

It’s your Constitutional right!

No. 4. There is a massive spying apparatus recording your calls and other communications. It’s official. The United States government not only admits it but staunchly defends spying on U.S. citizens.

The NSA does it. The FBI does it. The IRS does it. Who knows what other government agencies pry into your life without your knowledge, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. The CIA? The Pentagon? DEA? ICE? ATF?

You don’t have to be a criminal, terrorist, tax-dodger, drug-runner, gunrunner, illegal alien or bootlegger for the government to sniff around your daily communications. You can be the consummate upstanding law-abiding citizen.

It doesn’t matter. The government wants to know what you’re up to, even how you think.

When you make a phone call, send an email or use the internet , the government knows about it, or they can find out about it. They know what number you called, when you called, how long you talked. They can find out what you searched for on Google, what websites you visited — even who you chatted with online. They can read your emails without a warrant, wiretap your internet connection and eavesdrop on your phone calls.

If he were alive today, George Orwell would probably feel both validated and horrified by what he would see. His mid-20th century novel “1984” painted a chillingly prescient portrait of what America has become. He foresaw a dystopian world of Big Brother, thought crime, thought police and doublethink. These Orwellian intrusions into the personal privacy of Americans are no longer fiction. They are fact and have been for years.

We have all these infringements on our personal liberty and Americans are shouting at one another over Donald Trump and either protesting him or defending him. The media cover and criticize his every move, parse his every word, looking for signs of “racism” or “Russia collusion” or some other manufactured outrage.

The people fall in line… doing the same. It’s an echo chamber.

Meanwhile, our liberties and our wealth are being stolen right out from under us. Most Americans are completely oblivious, and those who know don’t seem to care enough to do more than post their outrage on Facebook.

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