Democrat hypocrisy

December 26, 2018   |   Tags: ,

Democrat politicians and the mainstream media have gone wall-to-wall in their coverage and condemnation of President Donald Trump after two illegal immigrant children died while in custody after trying to cross into the U.S. and seek asylum.

In both cases the children received medical treatment from U.S. authorities and were put back into the custody of their parents.

But Democrat politicians and the MSM actively promote the slaughter of tens of thousands of babies through abortion.

Democrat politicians say little to nothing about the hundreds of children — 168 in seven years Pakistan alone – killed by U.S. CIA drone strikes in the “War on Terror.”

They say nothing about the hundreds of thousands of women and children killed by U.S. and NATO air and drone strikes in Libya, Syria, Yemen and other places since the “War on Terror” began.

It’s reprehensible to think about any child that dies needlessly. But those immigrant parents are responsible for placing their children in danger and not following through to make sure their children get adequate medical attention. In the most recent instance, the child’s father turned down additional medical treatment before his child died.

Democrat politicians don’t care about children. They just use children. Some of the most egregious of all policies ever passed in the District of Criminals were done under the auspices of “for the children.”

Democrat politicians are hypocrites who only care about scoring political points in their desire to push their globalist, open-borders agenda.

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