Watch: Pelosi Admits She “Thinks A Lot” About “Ruling The World”

October 12, 2021   |  
Watch: Pelosi Admits She "Thinks A Lot" About "Ruling The World"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

During a speech before NATO delegates in Lisbon, Portugal Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that she daydreams about what she would do if she “ruled the world”.

“When people ask me, ‘If you ruled the world, what one thing would you do?’ – I think about that a lot,” Pelosi said, cackling, as she collected a NATO ‘Women for Peace’ award.

“Or if any of us rule the world, what one thing would we do? And that would be easy. It would be to prioritize the education of women and girls. It would make the biggest difference not only in their lives, their families, their communities, but to the world,” she added.


Really Nancy? Is that the first thing you’d do?

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