The corruption of politics: a recent example

October 17, 2021   |   Tags:

Some of our readers may have seen this a few weeks ago. I realize it ties in with some of the recent commentaries posted here on The Price of Liberty.

From Tom Woods posting, 28AUG2021

As I understand it, this young lady (Rebecca) is both chair of the Manhattan branch of the Libertarian Party AND the personal assistant of the well-known John Stossel. Stossel is known as a libertarian advocate, if of the minarchist persuasion.

I know nothing about her but this tidbit.

I’m going to stick my foot out and see how badly I trip.

This comes across, at first and second glance, as an example of the kind of political malice we see more and more of in the Fifty States. And in the world. Politics has corrupted basic medical knowledge and health care, it has reduced us to showing distain, contempt, hatred, and loathing for our political opponents – and even those who disagree with us on medical matters. And it seems to show that the person posting has been infected by 21st Century politics.

First, she certainly is entitled to her opinion. And I do admit this might be sarcastic – maybe she is that sort of person. And she surely knows the facts: milady, ALL of us WILL die, vaccinated or unvaccinated, sooner or later. And I don’t know what kind(s) of deaths she wants for the unvaccinated. Death in an Australian “quarantine camp?” Death abandoned/locked down in a NYC nursing home? Death at the hands of carabinari in an Italian protest riot? Death by suicide after being depressed by firing from a job you were willing to do in the midst of the height of the Pandemic Panic? Death by being denied a life-saving organ transplant? Or waiting in the hallway outside an overcrowded ICU?

And why this attitude towards the unvaccinated? Does she fear getting COVID-19 so much and believe that the unvaccinated people pose a personal threat of death to her? Is this wish a form of self-defense? Kill you before you kill me? Perhaps her grandmother died in one of Cuomo’s nursing homes? Perhaps all the anti-vaccers she knows are all anti-social, disrespectful hard-core Trumpistas?

I don’t know why she wrote this. Or what her attitude was.

But, taking this posting at face value? This sort of attitude disgusts me. It is an example of what I’ve titled the “politician’s disease” – a mixture of pride, arrogance, sense of invincibility, and corruption.

And the very antithesis of what I think of as a libertarian attitude and statement. Yes, I know she did not call for mandatory vaccination or even mandatory face-diapering. There is no call (that I know of) for any governmental action. And perhaps I’m reading too much into her short posting to think that this comes across as a tacit endorsement of governmental totalitarian edicts regarding the Beer Flu.

It seems to me to be contrary to libertarian principles and ideals. To state that people whom you disagree with “should die” although they pose no direct or imminent threat to you and yours, or to your liberty?

Indeed, would it not be easy to construe this as elitist? As indicative of a deeper apathy towards those with whom we do not agree?

Again, she’s entitled to her own opinion. And the 100,000 Libertarians of NYC, and John Stossel, are free to hire whom they want. And again, I know nothing about her except for this single posting and an accompanying article.

But it makes me wonder. What do you think?