Why Are Democrat Mayors Allowing Their Cities to Turn Into Shitholes?

December 15, 2021   |  

What is the endgame for democrat mayors? What do they get out of turning their cities into shitholes?

St but. I often wonder. What Democrat mayors are thinking. When you look across the country and you see **** hole after **** hole after shithole Democrat city after Democrat city after Democrat city becoming. Giants slums. With homeless bombs. What do you see all over the place? The coming disgusting pig styes becoming places where. The staff is rampant. People are stealing like crazy. This is becoming total **** holes and I’m wondering what is the Democrat let me end game here the mayor of San Francisco the mayor of Chicago the Marion New York the mayor of all the cities and they’re turning these. Cities into shuttles what is their end game I mean what do they want to they want everybody to move out do you want the taxpayers to leave what the business is to leave they want to turn him into third-world holes. What is the endgame I I could never understand that I mean if I was the mayor of the city I want my city to flourish I want my people to be want to be there so I can reap good benefits for my tax? Dr rich people out of the cities. White folks are not just black folks such as Asian folk everybody wants to leave who wants to live in a place we went get mugged in Mexico we are car gets broken into where are you you’re not down in a drive-by shooting because somebody’s trying to steal some stuff from the local Nordstrom’s who wants to live in a place like that no one. If you ask me every human being wants safety and security they will live in a place where they can have a great time we enjoy their lives to worry about being gunned down hurt. Stuff being stolen nobody wants to live in a place like that nobody it doesn’t matter who you are with your wait black. Christian Muslim whatever you wanna nobody wants to live in a place like that. So why do Democrat mayors want to turn their cities into places like that? I don’t understand maybe you guys can. You know. Thanks to tell me why they want to do that. If it makes no sense to me whatsoever no matter what weather you’re left or right is you really telling me that people want to live in places like that. They’re creating cities people want to live in. Now it’s the exact opposite they’re trying to create. Sure holes and I don’t understand why. Today the next time until it don’t forget to think freely.

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