The Great Divider Obama Is Back

December 17, 2021   |   Tags:

This is freedom under. Continuing my series of 2008. Let’s talk a little bit about the great communicator. Obama, I see you see the great meager learner I guess it’s. Reagan was a great communicator what what what what was the bombers on Monica again I forget yeah the greatest president all time yeah that’s right I forgot. You know. Obama. It’s unfortunate. Because. He could have been a really really good present he brought. Race relations. To like mean credible heights because. He was supposed. By Rachel’s right, he was white black not white or black or black over white or white over black. He was both. What will black fathers and white mothers do? So he was biracial. So you had an opportunity in his birthright to be able to smash racism to smithereens we’re already going in that direction we were already going in that direction plus nobody has ever been able to explain to me why color blindness is gender blindness. Think of thinking of humans as humans and not you know male female trans day white black Asian whatever. It’s a bad thing nobody has been able to convince me to color blindness is a bad thing. But I digress. Could have been one of the most amazing presidents when it came to race relations and you know what we were heading in that direction despite where we’re at we were heading in the direction of pure color gender blindness. Before Obama was elected we were actually in a pretty good place and we’re getting better. Racism is on the wane sexism loves was on the wane all this stuff was on the wane. And if he had properly leveraged. Things he could have made it even better but he didn’t he did the exact opposite in fact if anything Formenton has even more hatred within the groups now if you ask me everybody’s human. Everybody wants the same sex I don’t care what you look like I don’t care what you do it’s all about your merits I don’t care about who you are it’s about what you can do. Right, what you can do as a human being and if you spend all of your time talking about how to separate us which is what these racist sexist people do. Then you’re not helping to progress the human race forward you’re just trying to draw us back into the past. But I digress. Obama could have been such an amazing present when it comes to race relations but he did the exact opposite he destroyed it he made it worse. When everyone knows the current regime that we’re under right now is basically Obama’s third term so what’s happening that exact same progress if you could call that progress. Progressive progress. Is what we’re fighting under right now we’re under the multi-discipline multi path wokeness where everybody goes right away you know there’s no thinking about human anymore does nothing about human beings anymore and the uplifting of the human race we’re just talking about up looking of this part of that part. We’re back to the way things were and if anything they’re getting worse we’re locked into these petty squabbles. Between what we look like. And not what we can do. That’s it for me today see you next time until and don’t forget to think freedom.

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