Bread and Circuses

January 11, 2022   |   Tags:

Social. Yeah, it was how much people are just giving him. These things to placate them I mean recently they have made cannabis legal in Canada and it’s been it’s sole legal in Canada it’s sold legal this is a campus story recorder it’s worse the Starbucks you like can restore Starbucks liquor store Starbucks can restore canister Canibus Arkansas. And they’re all different but I would be surprised if they all sell the same thing. Nothing to myself why all of a sudden. Our only states suddenly okay with cannabis because they were okay with campus before but now they’re suddenly okay with cannabis well I wonder whether suddenly okay with cannabis its bread and circuses people its bread and circus people we just try and keep us distracted in afraid and I’m thinking distracted with cannabis distracted with booze distracted with the news frayed with Makan raid with covert. The state is trying all these different things to distract you. From what they are trying to do which is take away each and every freedom that you have. I mean if you look at Australia you look at Canada you look at these countries where they just systematically take away freedom after freedom look Quebec. I think they have any quarantine or eat any. What’s it called. The after-hours that day curfew they have a curfew well you can’t do things separately can even watch your **** dog after-hours that’s how bad it has become okay so if you look at can you look at Australia this is the future for us big government boot stamping on your face forever. We’re living in 1984 we are in re-education camps right now where we are on the other side of the screen you are watching me but you were sitting in a re-education camp right now because of all of this media. Was coming out to you. It’s just making you crazy. And the only way to find it is the only way. To get back at this is to think research bring your brain back into gear and go wait a second I don’t believe a damn thing starts from scratch. Star from I do not believe a damn thing I see and hear in my feeds on the internet from people, not one damn thing but then I do everything including this do your own research and figure it out for yourself make your own decisions don’t listen to the Talking Heads. Do the research figure it out on your own make your own decisions and only then would you bring your reason back to the table then maybe you can think about what to do next that’s every for today see you next time until into forget to think freedom.

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