WHY BE TRANS? What’s Really In It For You?

January 12, 2022   |   Tags:

This is a really strange question. Okay, especially men who become women now one of the things of trying to figure out I was trying to figure out. Why do people actually do this do they really feel. Female inside of these men actually really feel female I’m not sure if they really do so here’s a question for you I’m thinking about this and you have to somebody who is trans should serve to listen to this and respond to me and go no that’s not true yes that’s true what really is it. About. A man acting like a woman or a woman acting like a man. What is it about that what do you really really feel like you’re the other person or have you looked at what’s happening in the world and have realized wait for a minute powers you shift it wasn’t even a cry for attention I don’t. So here’s my thinking of all of those men. Who are out there who want to be women or act like women who say I am a woman trapped in the male body. Are you really doing it because you’re really a woman trapped in a male body or are you just doing it to take advantage? Of being. A man in a woman’s body quote-unquote look at these. Transferable is. Meant biological males and they’re competing with the biological females and they’re crushing them every time what is the biological what do the women right women’s rights activists think about that what do the feminists think about that’s the thing about leftists a lot of these crazy progressives I don’t understand how they can integrate these philosophies like how can you. How can you merge radical Islamic feminism it doesn’t if they don’t work together can you work transsexualism with feminism I mean are you supporting women or supporting men. Who says either woman. If I trust the science biology is a science folk it’s a science. So one of my theories is that. We have a society now where men are constantly being denigrated they were constantly being slammed we’re constantly being so cold we’re stupid were done we don’t know what we’re doing about a problem every possible way men are bad sure what many bad. Worse. But men are horrible they’re awful awful awful. The cost of being told that they’re awful and you’re a boy. You’re in school and your costly being brought back you know highs with your awful your apple TV is telling you you’re awful the internet tells you you’re awful. Schoolteachers or tell you you’re awful the schools tell you roughly everybody tells you you’re awful as a boy it’s horrible to be a boy. So what you gonna do well you could decide and you look at this you see yourself wow if I want to get anywhere in this world maybe I should be a girl and they take steps to become a go because nowadays they can do that. So what happens they become girls are they actually girls golf course they’re not. But they become girls because they see that that’s where the power is this is the one where they are sick and tired of being told how horrible they are the one-stop hearing that. But what happens are they happy in the end does it really make them happier to be. Not since. And I’m asking because I’m prejudiced or I’m homophobic or transphobic I’m asking from a position of logic and reason. Let’s step back from the emotions for a second and think to ourselves is this healthy to continuously. Support this kind of position is this healthy for the individual to support this kind of position. Is it because we look what’s the reason that they’re doing this what made them look like especially if you look at manager right if you listen to rent is your art. And medic desire memetic thinking some people want to be part of the crowd so when boys are constantly being told you have bad your bad question one of the girls. We see that the power is with the women it’s flipped the powers with women now it is not with the men. So that is why at least the thinking one of my opinion or one opinion is it may be the reason why they want to be girls is that this is the world the girls have the power and the boys are back. Maybe all this is just the beginning not to be told that they’re bad anymore maybe they’re sick and tired of being told that the horrible human beings that are

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