ALL TRUMP, ALL THE TIME: Living In Your Brain Rent Free

January 13, 2022   |   Tags:

It’s a. I don’t understand. Awful. This isn’t very good so. So apparently, but a year ago, Trump was banned from Twitter, right. Then on the year anniversary of Trump’s banned from Twitter, everybody started posting oranges, team orange emoticon where the orange and he said I had no insurance. Or just the origin account everybody flipped out. I believe what is wrong with people it’s just what have you lost your mind so much that. This. Guy politician who was president what last year. If so, was living in your mind soul rent-free when I was in Canada was. I just went to the bookstore the other day and looked at the magazine rack. Almost every single article in every news magazine talked about trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump we’ll be back for 2022 we’ll be back for 2024 how do we stop trump trump trump trump trump like why the hell is every single magazine. The feature on how Trump and Trump. Horrible Trump is and how we must do whatever we can to keep Trump out of office. Myself one. Is it that much about correct? To all these people are is everyone so afraid of this guy. Well, personally, let’s step back from the ocean for a second let’s step back from the motion for just one minute; I’m not going to talk about Trump specifically but when we talk about is politics and the presidency and all that stuff. Because if you ask me. Politicians should not be elected. Career politicians are the worst people to represent us because they don’t give a crap about us. They care about themselves. What you need is somebody who’s not a politician to do this. If you go back in time and you look at historically politicians, whether it’s state legislatures or federal legislatures, historically there haven’t been career politicians they all did something else in the galactic office whether they you know they were a rug dealer or whether they are a bookseller or whenever they had some other job they were a business person. If you don’t hear businessman, they were a business person. And then. Part-time. We went into politics and part-time they. Represented the people within the constituency nobody was a full-time politician. As soon as we started seeing full-time politicians, things started going downhill. That’s when things started. I destroyed this one that everything went into decline. So that was one of the things I like about Reagan a link about Trump I like about people who are not politicians pick a politician. Right side, the Democrats should select a politician who was originally a business person, someone who knew how to get things done. Because I think the biggest reason why Trump got elected was not because of the Trump period; I think it was because people were sick and tired. All politicians. And if you look at the. Where we are now, I know people are sick and tired of politicians and getting increasingly sick and tired of politicians. So let’s step back from the motion for a second. Let’s have a look at Trump. Trump, let’s look at the kind of person who would be a good president, and if you ask me, the type of person who would be a good president is someone who is not a politician. And Trump happens to fall into that category. Reagan falls into that category. I’m sure that people on the left fall into that category, but I can’t think of them now. If you can think of the remote, leave it in the car, leave a comment in the comments below, put a note in words below saying here’s an excellent democratic present here’s someone who could have been a good Democrat president. If you’re a business person i, they was not a politician or a nonpolitician. Democrat president. This is saying is that people are sick and tired of politicians. They don’t want politicians representing them anymore. They want people who have lived the world is kind of like, you know, do you talk to a Catholic priest about sex you spoke of a Catholic priest about marital problems no they have no idea. No idea how to solve the Meryl problem because they’ve never been married. They don’t know anything about it, so why would you want a politician who’s never been in the world never lived in actual real-life like the rest of us never had to make money. Like a natural person, why would you want something like that, but you know you want somebody just like you representing you. That’s for me for today. See you next time until then don’t forget to think freedom.

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